Football Manager 2020: New features revealed – code of conduct, in-depth team meetings & more

The new managerial sim is inching closer. What fresh content have SI got for their fans?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Football Manager is a yearly staple for gamers worldwide. With an incredibly deep roster of teams for you to take over and lead it appeals to fans of lower league football, European elite teams, and even those longing to uncover the next Neymar in the Brazilian leagues.

With the release date being narrowed down to November so far, fans are waiting patiently for Sports Interactive to release more information about how the game has been changed for this years release.

After several new features dropped last week, Football Manager 2020 surprised people by releasing even more information via their twitter page. So what can we expect to see in FM20?

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Code of Conduct

Have you ever had a player get consistently sent off and fined him for it, only for him to be outraged and the players support him? We’ve all been there in our FM saves, but no longer are your sensible fines seen in a bad light.

When you join a club the captain will now suggest a Code of Conduct that you can tailor when you accept the role. You can set fines for getting straight reds or missing training and the players will abide by it and finally not see your disciplinary action as random acts of violence on their bank accounts.

However, if you don’t implement it fairly and let your star player off the hook for a red card you can expect the team to be very disappointed with you.

Improved team meetings

FM19 was a quality managerial experience. Unless you actually wanted to interact with your team. Meetings had extremely limited responses for players to select from and were basically just to set expectations at the start of the season and try to rally the squad in periods of bad form.

FM20 is looking to fix all that. Not only will your backroom staff advise you on the best responses to give in each situation. That doesn’t guarantee you won’t upset the dressing room, but it should help you avoid the worst.

End of season meetings also have an expanded set of responses and talking points for players to select, which will help improve communication and clarify expectations.

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Expanded staff responsibilities

No manager does everything, and if you tried to in FM games it will take you months to complete a season. Every one of us has used the staff responsibilities tab to have the assistant manager take control of preseason friendlies or deal with tunnel interviews.

Now you can use your assistant to deal with touchline instructions during a match. This has been a feature that can be tough to execute during games when you are trying to rush through the end of a season or distracted doing something else while playing. 

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Better unemployed experience

No FM player has a perfect record. We’ve all had a nightmare season that has seen us get the boot from a team. It often ends your save as it can be very boring to skip 6 weeks and wait for a decent opening to come up.

FM20 aims to improve this by providing weekly job updates, more information on available jobs, and increasing press communication so that you have the chance to put yourself out there and keep your name fresh in the minds of Chairmen everywhere.


Toby Durant