Football Manager 2020 New features: Goal kick tactics, work permits & more

Fancy you can do better than Unai Emery? Well now you can in Sports Interactive’s next game.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

The armchair expert is as old as sport itself, but no other game puts the claims of the fanatic to the test quite like Football Manager.

The managerial sim allows fans to take over their club and dictate transfer policy, squad selection, and tactics.

Every year Sports Interactive make little tweaks and add small deals to certain aspects of the team tactics, be it increasing defensive options for your midfielders or setting just how far your fullbacks can roam.

This year though, they are taking the tactics options to the next level.

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Goal kicks

A new rule introduced this year allowed players to receive a goal kick inside their own box, and it has had teams getting rather creative with this set piece. Some teams, like Arsenal, have been doing it so much they have had some astounding errors from the new set piece style.

While this rule is yet to be added to FIFA 20, you will be able to utilise this rule in Football Manager 2020. So do you still want to clear the ball long, or can you retain possession and build from the back? Just be sure not to get too cocky or you’ll end up with egg on your face like Unai Emery.

Work permits

We’ve all found a hotshot young Argentinian and signed him, only to have him denied a work permit and been out of pocket millions, or tried to retain a squad player with bags of potential only for the Home Office to say no because he is yet to receive a start for the first XI.

Well now you will get a warning from your staff if a player has no chance of a contract renewal due to work permit issues.

This should save you from buyers remorse, but it still won’t stop the frustration of watching a bargain go elsewhere knowing you’ll have to pay 75-times more for him in a few years.

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The goalkeeper stats are pretty good, but one thing they leave you guessing about is there ability when the pressure is on from the spot.

Now there will be stats for “penalties faced” and “penalties saved” on a goalkeeper’s profile, letting you know just how good your man is when the pressure is truly on.

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Loan spells can now be made far more flexible. The duration limit has been pushed up until the next of the following season, with month options and even an “until next transfer window” option. This should make getting some experience into your young players a little easier.

Improved manager experience

You can now select “club colours” as an option for your managers clothes to keep yourself in line with the team’s look.

Meanwhile if you resign from a club following a successful spell the board will do what they can to keep you, meaning a potential boost to wage budget, facilities, or transfer spending. This could be a dynamite new power move for a successful boss, but be wary not try it too often!

Lastly, if the board goes over your head to sell a player – you can protest against them and demand him to stay. It may not work, but it’s great to see you can have more influence over losing your star player.


Toby Durant