Football Manager 2020: Team editions to include kits, player faces, & more – Valencia, Arsenal

Want to use the official licenses of your favourite club? You could be in luck this year.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Football Manager is the ultimate test for the armchair fan. It’s a chance to put your opinions and Saturday afternoon frustrations into action at the helm of your favourite team.

You don’t have to control the players like you do in FIFA, instead you can don your best tracksuit and marshall the troops from the sideline.

One thing that does hold it back for players is a lack of licenses and true-to-life detail. Club kits are often just a colour scheme rather than detailed replicas. Player faces are rarely included, especially for Premier League sides, and even the team name isn’t quite right.

That can be solved though, if you know where to go.

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Team Editions

GUNNERS: Arsenal fans can get the full experience this year

There are a handful of teams that have their own edition of Football Manager 2020, which will include everything you need to have the real experience.

Valencia will have their own special edition of FM20, the same goes for Arsenal.

The officially licensed editions exclusively features the club crest, kits and the players’ faces, to give fans of these clubs the most authentic management experience possible. These features are not available in the standard edition, which means if you want the full immersion these licenses offer you will have to make sure you secure the correct version.

These special editions are exclusive to the FM Store, but can be redeemed via Steam in the usual way.

Release date

Football Manager 2020 will drop on Steam & PC DVD on 19 November.

You can pre-purchase FM 20 on Steam to save 10 percent and it will cost you £35.99, as will the team editions on the FM Store, otherwise it will be £39.99.

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New Features

FM20 will come with a raft of new features to make your managerial experience more realistic than ever. It starts with a Club Vision that the board discuss with you prior to you taking a job, this defines how they see you and the club progressing over the years. Then there is a Code of Conduct between you and the squad, making disciplinary decisions less contentious so long as you stick to the terms you set out when you started. There is also improved Backroom Staff Feedback,  Tactical Options and much more.

You can see all these new features in our Football Manager 2020 Hub.


Toby Durant