Football Manager 2020 Review Round-Up of Sports Interactive's latest game

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Every fan thinks they can do better than the manager of their favourite team.

Thankfully, there is a way to put your theories to the test - Football Manager 2020.

The full game finally dropped today after weeks and months of anticipation. The question fans have, is how good is the new game? Is it worth buying if you already have Football Manager 2019?

Let's take a look around the gaming world to see what the experts think.


RealSport - 4.5/5

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Table of Contents

MATCH ENGINE: Improvements to the engine give a better feel


"From the start, Football Manager 2020 feels a more complete universe than ever before. From the board and player interactions to media questions and staff discussions, FM20 is a world that you dive into rather than a game you play.

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"It’s a must-buy for new and old managers alike." - Toby Durant [Full review]

PC Gamer - 87/100

"This year's Football Manager has forced me to rethink how I approach running a successful football club. [...] For the first time in the series’ history, I feel like I can’t do that with Football Manager 2020. Instead, I’m being required to think more strategically about how to achieve lasting managerial glory.

"Another superb entry that feels tailor-made for the series' most dedicated players." - Fraser Gilbert [Full review]

Screen Rant - 4/5


"Whether one leads a non-league club on a hundred-year journey to the top or simply wants to out-trophy Sir Alex Ferguson, this year's changes will throw gamers a few fun, realistic curveballs.

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"Football Manager is unmatched and unrivaled when it comes to sports." - John Jaques [Full review]

IGN - 8.7/10

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STAMP YOUR AUTHORITY: A Code of Conduct lets the players know who is boss


"Top of the pile is the Development Centre, essentially a new menu which aggregates all the useful info you’d want to know about your young players in your organisation’s youth squads.

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"Still addictively enormous, but more open to newcomers than ever, FM 2020 is a brilliant update to a brilliant series." - Phil Iwaniuk [Full review]

Gamesradar+ - 4/5

"Some games simply have a winning formula and don't need to iterate much year on year, and Football Manager is one of them.

"Club Vision and Development Centre make it even more enjoyable and immersive for someone who plays for 5-10 seasons or longer. The problem is that if you're unsure whether you'll like FM and you're looking for a hyper-realistic simulator, FM19 is a better shout until some of the issues are patched. FM20 is brilliant, it truly is, but it's not quite as brilliant as it could be and arguably, should be." - Ford James [Full review]

God Is A Geek - 9/10

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TACTICS: Picking your style is key, but fitting it to the squad is also crucial


"It sucks you in. It’s not a game; it’s an obsession that has to be embraced. And with this latest iteration, Sports Interactive have created something so complex but utterly inviting that I can feel myself succumbing to its call.

"Well played, Football Manager 2020, I’ve been gone twenty years, and just like that I’m hooked all over again." - Chris Hyde [Full review]

Daily Star - 5/5

"Football Manager is back and its focus on long-term construction of a footballing powerhouse is refreshing for a series that previously felt solely focused on the short-to-mid term.

"The only challenge you'll have now is keeping in the board's good graces long enough to leave your imprint on a club." - Lloyd Coombs [Full review]