Football Manager 2020: 7 tips to kick off your managerial campaign

Taking down the league can be a daunting task, but if you utilise these FM features you can win.

Getting into the flow of a new season in Football Manager is a daunting task, but this piece will get you off to a winning start whether you’re starting in the Premier League or in the bottom tier.

The world-renowned football simulator has evolved considerably over the past decade, and some much-needed changes have been added to Football Manager this year to keep it moving forward.

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Delegate responsibilities 

If you’re a veteran of the franchise, you’ll notice that Sports Interactive has made the “Staff Responsibilities” section much more detailed this year. 

USE YOUR STAFF: The backroom staff are there for a reason, use their talents!

There are over 100 different responsibilities you can assign. If you want to be in charge of U18 friendly matches and individual player training, go for it!

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Alternatively, if you want to be in charge of transfers, tactics, and first-team games, you can customise your responsibilities however you see fit.

The fewer responsibilities you take on personally the quicker you can roll through your season, but the bigger risk you have of decisions being made that you don’t like!

Utilise the medical centre

Make sure you keep a close eye on the medical centre, because there will be risk assessments in there that help decide your team selection.

RED FLAG: Your medical centre will highlight those at risk of getting hurt, so be sure to check in and protect your stars

It’s important not to overwork your players and stick them on the pitch when they’re at high risk of injury.

While your staff will highlight players who are especially at risk, you will need to use some common sense too.

Get the board to pay for your qualifications

If you fancy a low league challenge for yourself and you haven’t started with the highest qualifications, do everything in your power to get the board to pay for your coaching badges.

UPWARD MOBILITY: If you don’t ask… you don’t get

Regardless of where you are, make a board request to acquire the next set of coaching qualifications. Worst case scenario is they say no.

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