Football Manager 2020: All the new Scouting Enhancements - improved visuals, multi-focus reports & more

With Football Manager 2020 (FM20) kicking off in a matter of weeks, Sports Interactive are starting to reveal the new features coming to the latest instalment of the popular football sim.

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In this article, we'll be breaking down the additions to perhaps the most important area of the game - scouting.

New Scouting Features

Sports Interactive recently updated the Football Manager website with a post about the several Scouting Enhancements we can expect to see in Football Manager 2020 - keep reading for a full breakdown.


Improved Scout Report Visuals & Colour-Coding

FM20 have, in their own words, endeavoured to make scout reports "accurate and detailed while easily readable [...] to help you make an informed decision".

Therefore, we can expect an improved layout, which includes colour-coding (such as below), making report analysis more efficient.

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SOFA SURFING: New scout report layout will have you flicking through a tonne of reports in no time


Scouting Reminders

In previous years, if a player's report became outdated you may have been left with inaccurate information (maybe they had sustained an injury or moved position). New 'Scouting Reminders' will send alerts to your inbox to let you know when you should send out scouts to update a player's report.

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Smooth Scouting Operations

If a scout leaves your club in FM20 you will not have to worry about disturbances to ongoing projects.

Any incomplete tasks will be reassigned to the 'scouting pool', meaning the rest of your team will pick up where your ex-scout left off, allowing for a smooth transition.

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WELL OILED MACHINE: If a scout leaves, any incomplete tasks will be reassigned to the rest of your scouting team


Access to existing scout reports

When joining a new club in FM20, you'll receive a brief from your new Chief Scout, detailing any previous or ongoing work that the team is working on. You will be able to access any existing reports on the 'Scouted' screen.

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This feature means you could find ready-made solutions to your concerns, as well as allowing you to recognise and focus on any unidentified weaknesses.

Multiple Scouting Focuses

Last year, Football Manager 2019 introduced the ability to add a focus on one area of the scouted player's ability. In FM20, you will be able to add multiple focuses to a player's scouting assignment and these short-term focuses can be set for a longer duration than in last year's game.

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MULTI-FOCUS MANAGEMENT: Add multiple focuses to a scouting assignment to find the perfect fit


These features will give your scouting team more time and flexibility to hone in on a player with a specific skill-set.

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Customisable Information Columns

The final new scouting addition is an improvement to customisation options - players will be able to customise the columns on the Scout and Analyst Priorities panels, so that you can efficiently collate and analyse the information that matters most to you as a manager.

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