Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Uruguayan players to sign

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Uruguay are not thought of as a force in world football, but they are one of the most successful nations on the globe. They have won two World Cups (1930 & 1950) along with 15 Copa America titles, with their most recent triumph in 2011. Their players are scattered around the highest level of European club football and influential in almost every league.

How to choose the best Uruguayan wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article is looking at the best Uruguayan wonderkids in FM19. These players are all teenagers when you start a new career mode in December 2017 (the start of the South American season) and listed by the game as Uruguayan. All these players have a potential ability of at least 110, making them useful players for a lot of sides and the very best are capable of making an impact at every level.

For a full list of ALL the best Uruguayan wonderkids in FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Federico Valverde (CA 125 - PA 155)

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Age: 19

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Real Madrid

Best Attributes: Determination (18), Passing (14), Flair (14)

Value: £2.1 million

Wage: £15,000 a week

Federico Valverde started his career with Penarol in Uruguay, making his senior debut with them in 2015. He soon attracted interest from Europe and in 2016 moved to Real Madrid. He is yet to make his first team debut with Madrid but has featured for their reserve side and spent time on loan with Deportivo La Coruna. He got his first full cap with Uruguay in September 2017.

In FM19 Valverde is already a well-developed possession midfielder. He has terrific mental attributes (18 determination, 14 flair, 13 positioning, 13 teamwork) and is a good passer (14 technique, 14 passing, 13 vision). Valverde's potential ability of 155 means he can get up to the performances of Naby Keita and Emre Can.

Marcelo Saracchi (CA 129 - PA 146)

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Age: 19

Position: D (L), WB (L)

Club: RB Leipzig

Best Attributes: Work Rate (17), Determination (17), Acceleration (16)

 Value: £6.75 million

Wage: £26,000 a week

Marcelo Saracchi began his career with Danubio and got his debut there in 2015. In 2017 he moved to River Plate in Argentina and in 2018 he made a £12 million move to RB Leipzig. The same year he received his first senior cap for Uruguay.

In FM 19 Saracchi is a pacy full back (16 acceleration, 15 stamina, 14 pace). He has terrific mental attributes (17 work rate, 17 determination, 16 bravery, 14 off the ball) and is a good defender (14 tackling, 12 marking). He can move the ball pretty well too (13 dribbling, 12 technique, 10 passing).

Kuki Zalazar (CA 105 - PA 143)

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Age: 19

Position: AM (RC), ST

Club: Valladolid

Best Attributes: Composure (15), Dribbling (14), Off The Ball (14)

Value: £825,000

Wage: £2,600 a week

Kuki Zalazar was born in Montevideo and listed by FM 19 as Uruguayan, though he moved to Spain at an early age and plays for the Spain Under-17 side internationally. He began his senior career with Malaga in 2014 and moved to Valladolid in 2018 where he has starred for the reserve side while he awaits his first team debut.

In Football Manager 2019 Zalazar is a solid winger. He has decent speed (13 acceleration, 13 pace) and is good on the ball (14 dribbling, 13 first touch, 13 technique). He can put good balls into the box both during play (12 crossing, 11 passing) and from dead balls (14 free kick taking, 13 corners). He also has solid mental attributes (15 determination, 14 off the ball, 12 anticipation).

Leonardo Fernandez (CA 113 - PA 139)

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Age: 19

Position: AM (C)

Club: Fenix

Best Attributes: Determination (18), First Touch (15), Flair (15)

Value: £625,000

Wage: £400 a week

Leonardo Fernandez has played with Fenix for his whole career, debuting with the team in 2015. He has also progressed through Uruguay's youth levels to the Under-20 squad.

In FM 19 Fernandez is strong mentally (18 determination, 15 flair, 13 composure) and has good talent on the ball (15 first touch, 15 technique, 14 dribbling). He can deliver killer balls to the forwards (15 free kick taking, 14 crossing, 13 vision, 12 passing) and even threaten goal himself (13 finishing, 13 long shots).

Brian Ocampo (CA 105 - PA Range 130-160)

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Age: 18

Position: AM (R), ST

Club: Nacional

Best Attributes: Determination (19), Acceleration (15), Technique (15)

Value: £230,000

Wage: £35 a week

Brian Ocampo has been with Nacional for his whole career, getting his debut this year while also playing for the Uruguay Under-20 team.

In FM 19 Ocampo has a handful of extremely good mental attributes (19 determination, 15 flair, 12 composure) that will really help his game immediately as well as his development. He has good talent on the ball (15 technique, 14 first touch, 14 dribbling, 13 crossing) and can score too (14 finishing).

Emiliano Gomez (CA 79 - PA Range 130-160)

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Age: 16

Position: ST

Club: Defensor Sporting

Best Attributes: Finishing (13), Heading (12), Acceleration (12)

Value: £48,500

Wage: £35

Emiliano Gomez has spent his whole career with Defensor Sporting, being promoted the first team in January 2018. He has also made it up to the Uruguay Under-20 side.

In FM 19 Emiliano Gomez already has decent talent in front of goal (13 finishing, 12 heading, 11 first touch). He has reasonable pace (12 acceleration, 12 natural fitness, 11 pace) and his good potential ability range means he will improve dramatically with game time.

Nicolas Fernandez (CA 102 - PA 124)

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Age: 19

Position: D (R), DM

Club: Fenix

Best Attributes: Tackling (16), Work Rate (14), Bravery (14)

Value: £64,000

Wage: £140 a week

Nicolas Fernandez has spent his who career with Fenix, arriving in 2012 and starting for the first team in October 2015. He has also progressed to the Uruguay Under-20 side.

In Football Manager 2019 Fernandez is already a well-developed defender (16 tackling, 11 marking) and has a few very nice mental attributes (14 work rate, 14 bravery, 13 teamwork). He has good physical attributes (13 strength, 12 acceleration, 12 pace) and can cross (11) relatively well.

Wiston Fernandez (CA 102 - PA 123)

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Age: 19

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Boston River

Best Attributes: Teamwork (13), Technique (13), Passing (12)

Value: £64,000


Wage: £140 a week

Wiston Fernandez started his career with Defensor Sporting, but spent the second-half of 2017 on loan with Boston River and completed a free transfer move to them in January 2018. He has also progressed through the Uruguayan youth levels, playing with the Under-20 side.

In FM 19 Fernandez is a solid passer (13 technique, 12 passing, 12 vision) and has some good mental attributes too (13 teamwork, 12 decisions, 12 composure). He has reasonable speed for a central player (12 pace) and can find the goal too (12 long shots, 11 finishing).

Carlos Benavidez (CA 120 - PA Range 120-150)

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Age: 19

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Independiente

Best Attributes: Aggression (18), Strength (15), Heading (15)

Value: £2.1 million

Wage: £5,250 a week

Carlos Benavidez began his career with Defensor Sporting, debuting with them in 2016 and playing over 50 games before making a move to Independiente in Argentina in 2018. He has also played over 20 games for the Uruguay Under-20 side.

In FM 19 Benavidez is a very well-rounded player. He has good mental attributes (18 aggression, 14 teamwork, 14 off the ball, 13 work rate) and is a strong athlete (15 strength, 14 pace, 14 jumping). He can move the ball (13 technique, 12 passing) and play without it (13 marking, 13 positioning) and also threaten goal (14 long shots, 11 finishing).

Joaquin Ardaiz (CA 112 - PA Range 120-150)

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Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: Frosinone

Best Attributes: Flair (15), Natural Fitness (15), Technique (14)

Value: £325,000

Wage: £12,750 a week

Joaquin Ardaiz began his career with Danubio, getting his debut in February 2016. He played 30 games before making a move to Swiss club FC Chiasso in 2018 and he is now on loan with Italian side Frosinone. He has also played over 20 times for Uruguay's Under-20 side.

In FM 19 Ardaiz is a good athlete (15 natural fitness, 13 pace, 13 strength) and has solid mental attributes too (15 flair, 13 work rate, 13 off the ball). He can threaten goal (13 heading, 12 finishing, 12 penalty taking) and create for himself too (13 dribbling, 13 first touch). 

All the best Uruguayan wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Age CA PA/PA Range Value Wage
Federico ValverdeDM, M (C)R. Madrid B19125155£2.1m£15k
Marcelo SaracchiD (L), WB (L)RB Leipzig19129146£6.75m£26k
Kuki ZalazarAM (RC), STValladolid19105143£825k£2.6k
Leonardo FernándezAM (C)Fénix19113139£625k£400
Brian OcampoAM (R), STNacional18105>130£230k£35
Emiliano GómezSTDefensor Sporting1679>130£48.5k£35
Nicolás FernándezD (R), DMFénix19102124£64k£140
Wiston FernándezDM, M (C)Boston River19102123£64k£140
Carlos BenavídezDM, M (C)Independiente19120>120£2.1m£5.25k
Joaquín ArdaizSTFrosinone18112>120£325k£12.75k
Diego RossiAM (R), STLAFC19111>120£1.3m£15.5k
Nicolás SchiappacasseSTR. Majadahonda18105>120524100£2.3k
Edgar ElizaldeD (C)Pescara17101>120£230k£850
Ignacio LaquintanaM (R)Defensor Sporting1894>120£38.5k£120
Facundo MilánSTDefensor Sporting1689>120£64k£35
Ezequiel MechosoAM (C), M (C)Peñarol1775>120£25.5k£250
Owen FalconisSTDefensor Sporting1775>120334.5k£35
Fabián PírizD (L)Peñarol19102118£32k£350
Ignacio PereiraAM (L), STFénix1992118£22k£100
Andrés RomeroDMNacional1995117£25.5k£220
Emiliano MozzoneSTFénix1994117£25.5k£100
Santiago BrunelliD (C)Plaza Colonia19100115£45k£150
Aarón BorgesDMRiver Plate de Montevideo1988115£14.5k£55
Agustín GallegoAM (L)Villa Teresa1991114£15.5k£100
Eduardo DariasAM (R), M (R)Central Español1990114£675k£100
Nahuel RoldánSTVilla Teresa1890113£27k£100
Agustín CanobbioAM (LR)Peñarol19110>110£375k£925
Ronald AraújoD (C), DMBarcelona B1898>110£160k£1.3k
Guillermo MaySTLaracha1993>110£24k£190
Santiago MederosAM (C)Danubio1992>110£31.5k£100
Renzo BacchiaGKIndependiente1890>110£130k£25
Thiago VecinoSTNacional1885>110£27k£210
Juan Manuel SanabriaM (C)A. Madrid B1783>110£115k£1.1k
Franco IsraelGKJuventus1780>110£30k£1.3k
Gustavo VieraSTLiverpool de Montevideo1779>110£48.5k£120
Gonzalo NápoliDMDefensor Sporting1775>110£18.25k£35
Juan Manuel GutiérrezSTDanubio1575>110£9.5k£35
Rodrigo MunizSTPescara1670>110£37.5k£200
Jair FerreiraD (R)River Plate de Montevideo1888110£13k£35
Facundo BatistaAM (C), STChiasso1888110£4.5k£700
Gastón De PedroD (C), DMCentral Español1786110£19k£70
Ronaldo BarriosSTNacional1985110£9.5k£170