Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Swiss players to sign

It’d be easy to forget to look at Switzerland on FM19, but with the international side reaching the Nations League finals, what youngsters do they have coming through?

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Switzerland have a reputation for being a tough nut to crack on the international scene, as shown by the national team’s qualification for the UEFA Nations League finals. The current squad holds very talented players like Ricardo Rodriguez, Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri, so it is worth scouting some Swiss youngsters on FM19 to see what they have coming through. 

How to choose the best Swiss wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

RealSport looks at the best Swiss wonderkids on FM19. All of these players have a potential ability rating (PA) of at least 110 and are aged 19 or below. PA and CA (Current Ability) are hidden on the game, but it is the only way of ensuring you sign well. It is easy to take your assistant’s star rating literally, but, especially if you are a lower league side, it could be completely wrong.

For a full list of ALL the best Swiss wonderkids on FM19, visit the table at the end of this page. 

Bastien Toma (CA 120 – PA 130-160)

Age: 19

Positions: DM, M (C)

Club: Sion

Best stats: 14 passing, 14 first touch, 14 vision

Value: £1.1 million

Wage: £3,400 a week

With 38 games to his name for Sion, things are coming together nicely for the 19-year-old Bastien Toma. The Swiss U21 international made his debut in Europa League qualifying at the beginning of last season, and went on to make 22 appearances in that season, showing he is a firm part of manager Murat Yakin’s plans.

On FM 19, defensive midfielder Toma has abilities of 14 passing, 14 first touch and 14 vision to his game. Those give him a 120 current ability rating, which can improve to a potential between 130 and 160. He is valued at £1.1 million with wages of £3,400 a week. 

Jordan Lotomba (CA 115 – PA 130-160)

Age: 19

Positions: D (RL), WB (R), M (R)

Club: Young Boys

Best stats: 14 natural fitness, 13 stamina, 13 technique

Value: £850,000

Wage: £3,200 a week

An injury has ruled out Jordan Lotomba from earning any minutes this season, which is a real shame after a successful campaign last term for the versatile full back. In his first year with Young Boys the 19-year-old made 33 appearances featuring five assists after a switch from Lausanne. 

Another Swiss U21 man, Lotomba has a 115 CA on FM 19, which consists of 14 natural fitness, 13 stamina and 13 technique. Despite a potential between 130 and 160, he is valued at just £850,000 with wages of £3,200 a week. 

Kevin Ruegg (CA 115 – PA 130-160)

Age: 19

Positions: D (R), DM, M (C)

Club: Zurich

Best stats: 16 determination, 13 pace, 13 stamina

Value: £1.6 million

Wage: £4,000 a week

Kevin Ruegg also has plenty of first team experience, with the 19-year-old making over 63 appearances for FC Zurich. Six assists in that period is also a useful return for the Swiss U21 international, who has already claimed the Swiss Cup with the club.

Right back Ruegg has 16 determination, 13 pace and 13 stamina on FM 19, which take his CA to 115. A potential between 130 and 160 lift his value up to £1.6 million with a wage of just £4,000 a week. 

Noah Okafor (CA 106 – PA 130-160)

Age: 18

Positions: AM (L), ST

Club: Basel

Best stats: 15 flair, 13 dribbling, 13 pace

Value: £1.2 million

Wage: £1,400 a week

An attacking option is Noah Okafor, who has netted 11 goals in 31 games for Basel U21s. The left winger has gone on to play 11 times for the first team and has been in every single Swiss squad from U15 to U21 level. 

The 18-year-old Okafor is rated with a 106 CA on FM 19, with a potential between 130 and 160. Stats of 15 flair, 13 dribbling and 13 pace take his value to £1.2 million with wages of £1,400 a week. 

Jan Kronig (CA 102 – PA 130-160)

Age: 18

Positions: D (C)

Club: Young Boys

Best stats: 14 decisions, 14 tackling, 13 composure

Value: £375,000

Wage: £1,700 a week

Centre back Jan Kronig is yet to taste first team football, but he should not be underestimated given his 12 caps for the Swiss U19 team. The 18-year-old has had plenty of minutes for Young Boys, appearing 41 times, so a promotion to the senior side may not be too far away. 

A 102 CA for Kronig can improve to a potential between 130 and 160. Stats of 14 decisions, 14 tackling and 13 composure see him valued at just £375,000 and a wage of £1,700 a week. 

Julian von Moos (CA 90 – PA 130-160)

Age: 17

Positions: ST

Club: Basel

Best stats: 14 finishing, 14 heading, 14 dribbling

Value: £325,000

Wage: £2,400 a week

Julian von Moos is right of the beginning of his footballing career, with just 30 appearances in U21 and U18 club football to his name. The 17-year-old striker has potential however after scoring 13 goals in 16 league games at U18 level for Grasshopper last season which saw him move to Basel. 

The Swiss U19 international has 14 finishing, 14 heading and 14 dribbling on FM 19, which sees him valued at only £325,000 with a £2,400 a week wage. His 90 CA can improve dramatically to a PA between 130 and 160. 

Felix Mambimbi (CA 84 – PA 130-160)

Age: 17

Positions: AM (L), ST

Club: Young Boys

Best stats: 19 determination, 15 finishing, 15 dribbling

Value: £74,000

Wage: £200 a week

Felix Mambimbi has been tearing it up at youth level, working his way up from U17s to U21 level for Young Boys in the space of two seasons. For the U21s, the left winger has eight goals in 24 games, which has seen him pick up nine caps for Switzerland U17s. 

The 17-year-old Mambimbi is valued at just £74,000 with a £200 a week salary. It’s an absolute steal for his 19 determination, 15 finishing and 15 dribbling, which takes him to an 84 CA and potential between 130 and 160. 

Nedim Bajrami (CA 112 – PA 120-150)

Age: 19

Positions: M (C), AM (C)

Club: Grasshopper

Best stats: 14 first touch, 14 vision, 14 acceleration

Value: £1.7 million

Wage: £1,400 a week

Central or attacking midfielder Nedim Bajrami has been impressive for Grasshopper, picking up 57 appearances for the first team aged just 19. Five goals and four assists in that time is a steady start, and with him now a regular for the Swiss U21s, expect some bright years ahead.

Bajrami has abilities of 14 first touch, 14 vision and 14 acceleration on the FM 19, earning him a CA of 112. This can improve to a potential between 120 and 150, valuing him at £1.7 million and a wage of £1,400 a week. 

Jasper van der Werff (CA 112 – PA 120-150)

Age: 19

Positions: D (C)

Club: RB Salzburg

Best stats: 14 jumping reach, 13 balance, 13 strength

Value: £1 million

Wage: £6,250 a week

19, and at RB Salzburg, the signs are promising for Jasper van der Werff to go on and have a successful career. Salzburg have nurtured talent such as Sadio Mane, Naby Keita, Marcel Sabitzer and Dayot Upamecano, making a perfect place for centre back Van der Werff to hone his skills. 

Former St Gallen man Van der Werff is valued at £1 million on FM 19, with wages of £6,250 a week. 14 jumping reach, 13 balance and 13 strength take his CA to 112, rising to a PA between 120 and 150. 

Filip Ugrinic (CA 106 – PA 120-150)

Age: 19

Positions: M (C), AM (C)

Club: Luzern

Best stats: 13 first touch, 13 passing, 13 teamwork

Value: £775,000

Wage: £2,700 a week

Central midfielder Filip Ugrinic has 57 appearances for Luzern to his name, and is on course for his best season to date, with 14 games already this term. Although he has been a member of the Swiss U21 squad, he is yet to play a game for the side, and is currently in the U20 team. 

The 19-year-old Ugrinic is valued at only £775,000 a week, despite wages of £2,700 a week. Abilities of 13 first touch, 13 passing and 13 teamwork take his CA to 106, growing to a potential between 120 and 150. 

All the best Swiss wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Player A Pos Club CA PA V W
Bastien Toma 19 DM, M (C) Sion 120 <130 £1m £3k
Jordan Lotomba 19 D (RL), WB (R), M (R) Young Boys 115 <130 £1m £3k
Kevin Ruegg 19 D (R), DM, M (C) Zürich 115 <130 £2m £4k
Noah Okafor 18 AM (L), ST Basel 106 <130 £1m £1k
Jan Kronig 18 D (C) Young Boys 102 <130 £400k £2k
Julian von Moos 17 ST Basel 90 <130 £300k £2k
Felix Mambimbi 17 AM (LR), ST Young Boys 84 <130 £100k £200
Nedim Bajrami 19 AM (C), M (C) Grasshoppers 112 <120 £2m £1k
Jasper van der Werff 19 D (C) FC RB Salzburg 112 <120 £1m £6k
Filip Ugrinic 19 AM (C), M (C) Luzern 106 <120 £1m £3k
Anthony Racioppi 19 GK OL 102 <120 £300k £3k
Alessandro Stabile 17 D (R), WB (R) Basel 95 <120 £100k £200
Yannick Touré 17 ST Newcastle 92 <120 £1m £5k
Lorenzo Gonzalez 18 AM (LR), ST Man City 85 <120 £400k £8k
Nishan Burkart 18 AM (R), ST Man Utd 83 <120 £200k £2k
Alexandre Jankewitz 16 AM (RC), M (RLC), ST Southampton 82 <120 £200k £100
Becir Omeragic 16 D (C) Zürich 72 <120 £20k £200
Ruben Vargas 19 AM (L), ST Luzern 108 <110 £200k £2k
Toni Domgjoni 19 M (C) Zürich 107 <110 £1m £1k
Petar Pusic 19 DM, M (C) Grasshoppers 105 <110 £200k £2k
Fabian Rohner 18 AM (R)
M (R)
Zurich 104 <110 £200k £2k
Izer Aliu 18 DM, M (C) Zürich 104 <110 £100k £2k
Pedro Teixeira 19 M (L) Young Boys 99 <110 £100k £1k
Andi Zeqiri 19 ST Lausanne 99 <110 £200k £1k
Maren Haile-Selassie 19 M (R) Zürich 97 <110 £200k £2k
Stefan Wolf 19 M (C) Luzern 96 <110 £200k £1k
Liridon Mulaj 19 AM (C) Neuchatel Xamax 96 <110 £100k £1k
Mersim Asllani 19 AM (L)
M (L)
Lausanne 94 <110 £200k £1k
Baba Souare 19 D (C) Servette 92 <110 £100k £1k
Frederico Da Costa 19 ST Sion 92 <110 £200k £1k
Yannick Marchand 18 DM, M (C) Basel 88 <110 £100k £1k
Salah Azi Binous 17 ST Lugano 88 <110 £200k £1k
Giotto Morandi 19 AM (C) Grasshoppers 88 <110 £50k £1k
Daniele Vesco 18 ST Basel 88 <110 £50k £1k
Serge Muller 17 D (C) Grasshoppers 86 <110 £100k £200
Ilan Sauter 17 D (C) Zürich 85 <110 £100k £1k
Lucio Soldini 17 GK Lugano 84 <110 £100k £1k
Amel Rustemoski 17 ST Grasshoppers 84 <110 £40k £200
Tim Staubli 18 AM (R), M (RC) St. Gallen 84 <110 £100k £1k
Nicky Medja 18 AM (C), M (RLC) Fiorentina 84 <110 £100k £200
Aris Aksel Sorensen 17 D (C) Basel 84 <110 £100k £200
Jozef Pukaj 18 GK Basel 80 <110 £30k £200
Dejan Zunic 19 D (LC) Basel 78 <110 £50k £1k
Elias Mesonero 17 D (C) Grasshoppers 78 <110 £30k £200
Steve Tokam 18 DM, M (C) Young Boys 76 <110 £40k £200
Niklas Steffen 17 GK Basel 82 <110 £20k £200
Simon Sohm 17 DM, M (C) Zürich 82 <110 £40k £1k
Tician Tushi 17 ST Basel 76 <110 £20k £200
Steve Tokam 18 DM, M (C) Young Boys 76 <110 £40k £200
Kreshnik Hajrizi 19 D (C) Young Boys 75 <110 £20k £1k
Sandro Theler 17 AM (R), M (R) Sion 72 <110 £20k £200
Leonidas Stergiou 16 D (C) St. Gallen 71 <110 £10k £200
Elmedin Fazlic 15 D (L), WB (L) Basel 70 <110 £10k £200


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