Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Mexican players to sign

Mexico have been a consistent threat in world football and produced some superb players. Who are the next generation of Mexican wonderkids in FM19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Mexico have never been a world power in football, reaching the World Cup quarter-finals just twice, but they have won 10 CONCACAF Championships/Gold Cups and been runner-up twice in the Copa America. They have also produced some excellent players over the years, from Hugo Sanchez and Jorge Campos to Rafael Marquez and Javier Hernandez, Mexican footballers have wowed fans and been important pieces of some terrific club sides.


How to choose the best Mexican wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the next generation of Mexican stars, the wonderkids, in FM19. These players are all teenagers when you start a new career mode in Mexico (June 2018) and are listed by the game as Mexican. They have a potential ability of at least 110, making them useful players for nearly every squad in the world if they are developed correctly.

For a list of ALL the best Mexican wonderkids in FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Jonathan Gonzalez (CA 118 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 19

Position: DM

Club: Monterrey

Best Attributes: Stamina (17), Marking (17), First Touch (16)

Value: £375,000

Wage: £6,250 a week

Jonathan Gonzalez began his career with Atletico Santa Rosa at the age of 9. He spent 6 years there before moving to Monterrey in 2014. He was given his senior debut in July 2017 and has made over 50 appearances for them. He played at youth level for USA before switching to Mexico at Under-21 and received his first senior cap in 2018.

In Football Manager 2019 Gonzalez is already a well developed defensive player. He has terrific defensive skills (17 marking, 15 tackling) and good mental attributes to back it up (15 work rate, 15 bravery, 14 teamwork). He has enough physicality to run all day (17 stamina, 15 natural fitness, 14 pace) and has reasonable talent on the ball too (16 first touch, 12 technique).

Diego Lainez (CA 112 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 17

Position: AM (L)

Club: America

Best Attributes: Acceleration (16), Flair (15), Pace (14)

Value: £525,000

Wage: £4,300 a week

Diego Lainez has been with America in Mexico for his whole career, joining when he was 12 and rising through their ranks to win his senior debut in March 2017. He has also flown through the youth levels of Mexico, claiming his first cap in September 2018.

In FM 19 Lainez is a speedy winger (16 acceleration, 14 pace). He has good talent on the ball (14 dribbling) and can create too (15 flair, 14 vision, 13 passing, 11 crossing). Lainez also has a few strong mental attributes to aid his development (13 decisions, 12 off the ball, 11 determination).


Roberto Alvarado (CA 117 – PA Range 130-160)

Age: 19

Position: AM (L)

Club: Cruz Azul

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (16), Acceleration (15), Dribbling (14)

Value: £525,000

Wage: £6,750 a week

Roberto Alvarado started his career with Celaya before moving to Pachuca, Necaxa, and then eventually landing with Cruz Azul in 2018 where he has become a first team regular. He also earned his first senior cap for Mexico is September 2018.

In FM 19 Alvarado is a strong creative winger. He has decent speed (16 natural fitness, 15 acceleration, 12 pace) and can deliver good balls into the box (13 crossing, 12 technique, 11 passing). He can also beat defenders (14 dribbling) and has some respectable mental attributes too (13 off the ball, 13 vision, 12 decisions, 12 teamwork).

Marcel Ruiz (CA 93 –  PA Range 130-160)

Age: 17

Position: AM (RC)

Club: Queretaro

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (16), Flair (14), Acceleration (13)

Value: £60,000

Wage: £725

Marcel Ruiz Has been with Queretaro since 2012 when he was just 12 years old. He made his senior debut in July 2018 while progressing up to the Mexico Under-20 side.

In FM 19 Marcel Ruiz is a possession winger. He doesn’t have great speed (13 acceleration, 12 pace) but is comfortable on the ball (13 technique, 12 passing, 12 first touch, 12 crossing). He has some good mental attributes (14 flair, 12 vision, 11 decisions) to aid his ability to move the ball well.

Carlos Vargas (CA 97 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 19

Position: D (C)

Club: America

Best Attributes: Decisions (14), Heading (14), Agility (14)

Value: £78,000

Wage: £2,000 a week

Carlos Vargas began his career with Tijuana before moving to America in 2017. He quickly broke into the first team and has made over 40 appearances to date for the Mexican club. He’s also progressed up to the Mexico Under-21 side.

In FM 19 Vargas is a solid defender already. He has decent speed (13 pace, 13 acceleration) and good defensive stats (12 marking, 12 tackling, 11 positioning). He’s good in the air (14 heading) and has some nice mental attributes too (14 decisions, 13 anticipation).

Brian Figueroa (CA 95 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 18

Position: AM (L), M (L)

Club: Pumas Premier

Best Attributes: Crossing (14), Pace (14), First Touch (14)

Value: £87,000

Wage: £2,200 a week

Brian Figueroa has been with Pumas since he was 12 years old. He progressed through the youth academy until he made his senior debut in July 2017. He is yet to receive a cap at any level from Mexico.

In FM 19 Figueroa is a speedy winger (14 pace, 14 acceleration). He can both beat defenders (14 dribbling) and deliver dangerous balls into the box (14 crossing, 11 technique). Figueroa also has some solid mental attributes (13 off the ball, 13 decisions, 12 work rate) that will help his overall play and development.

Brandon Herrera (CA 82 – PA Range 120-150)

Age: 16

Position: D (L), WB (RL)

Club: Pumas

Best Attributes: Determination (18), Pace (15), Acceleration (15)

Value: £8,250

Wage: £10 a week

In FM 19 Herrera is a speedy full back (15 pace, 15 acceleration). He doesn’t have much else about his game right now, but at just 16 and with terrific determination (18) there is little to stop him from reaching high into his potential ability range.

Aldo Lopez (CA 75 – PA 120)

Age: 18

Position: M (C)

Club: Atlas

Best Attributes: First Touch (14), Passing (14), Technique (14)

Value: £4,200

Wage: £325 a week

In FM 19 Lopez is a quality possession midfielder already. He can move the ball very well  (14 passing, 14 technique, 14 first touch, 14 vision) and has a handful of other good attributes too (14 acceleration, 13 work rate, 12 off the ball). He has plenty of room to develop up to that 120 potential.

Jose Hernandez (CA 77 – PA 117)

Age: 19

Position: M (L)

Club: America

Best Attributes: Crossing (14), Acceleration (14), Composure (13)

Value: £4,600

Wage: £800 a week

Jose Hernandez has been with America for his whole career, graduating the academy in 2017. He has also progressed up to the Mexico Under-20 side. 

In FM 19 Hernandez is very raw. He has reasonable burst (14 acceleration) and can deliver a good ball into the box (14 crossing, 12 technique) but everything else needs work. For a lower league team or one simply in need of a player that can improve over time, Hernandez is a nice option.

All the best Mexican wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

NamePosClubAgeCAPA/PA RangeValueWage
Jonathan GonzálezDMMonterrey19118>140£375k£6k
Diego LaínezAM (L)América17112>140£525k£4.4k
Roberto AlvaradoAM (L)Cruz Azul19117>130£525k£6.5k
Marcel RuizAM (RC)Querétaro1793>130£60k£700
Roberto de la RosaSTPachuca1890>130£6k£625
Carlos VargasD (C)América Premier1997>120£78k£2.1k
Brian FigueroaAM (L), M (L)Pumas Premier1895>120£87k£2.3k
Brandon HerreraD (L), WB (RL)Pumas1682>120£8.25k£10
Aldo LópezM (C)Atlas1875120£4.2k£325
José HernándezM (L)América1977117£4.6k£775
Bryan SilvaSTSp. Canamy1978116£2.6k£525
Esteban TorresSTVenados1877116£1.8k£750
José RosadoM (L)Venados1976116£1.1k£775
Ulises CardonaAM (L)Atlas1995>110£87k£1.8k
Antonio SánchezD (L)Cruz Azul Hidalgo1993>110£17.25k£1.5k
Joao MaleckSTSevilla B1991>110£18.75k£1.3k
Jesús PérezM (C)Querétaro1886>110£13.75k£375
Ían TorresSTAtlas1785>110£13k£400
Francisco FigueroaAM (RC)Pachuca1885>110£17.25k£1k
Carlos RoblesD (C)Atlas1782>110£8k£350
Ricardo MonrealSTNecaxa1779>110£5.5k£675
Luis GamízM (C)Tijuana1879>110£5k£300
Andrés CatalánD (L)Morelia1777>110£4.1k£300
Jordan CarrilloSTSantos Laguna1677>110£4.8k£10
Daniel LópezSTTijuana1876>110£4.4k£300
Edwin LaraD (L), WB (L)León1874>110£3.4k£350
Héctor GonzálezM (L)Cruz Azul1874>110£3.4k£425
Eliud SáenzSTAt. Saltillo1970>110£4.8k£325
Alberto HernándezD (C)Venados1975115£1.1k£750
Joel PérezM (L)Atlas1869115£1.5k£250
Eduardo MenaD (C)América1974114£2.8k£180
José David LoretoAM (R), M (R)Leones Negros UdG1873113£1.1k£140
Marco MontelongoM (C)Tigres1982112£8.25k£1.3k
César LoriaAM (C), STAtlante1877112£2.4k£825
Pedro HermidaD (L), WB (L), M (L)Veracruz1977112£4.6k£675
Abraham PadillaD (C)América1872112£2.2k£275
José Andrés MaresAM (L), M (L)Tecos1977111£2.3k£240
Salvador GonzálezSTAt. San Luis III1871111£2.4k£850
Alejandro DíazD (L)Tijuana1880110£5.25k£750
Luis Fernando LópezGKDorados B1870110£1.5k£350
Jorge LimaGKCruz Azul1870110£1.5k£350
Jesús GonzálezM (C)Alebrijes1870110£1.4k£675


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