Football Manager 2019: Best Young Wingers (LW/LM & RW/RM)

Wide players are often the biggest goal threats for teams, but they are hard to come by, which young players are the next great wingers in FM19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Over the last 20 years football has turned wingers and wide midfielders from providers to goal-scorers. The likes of Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo revolutionised the idea of what wingers can do, and now the position is full of expensive but wildly productive players. The next generation is coming up fast too, but who are they on FM19?

How to choose the best young wingers in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best young wingers and wide midfielders in Football Manager 19. These players are all aged under 23 and natural at one of the wing or wide midfield positions. They can produce goals and assists for fun and have plenty of prime years ahead of them. They might not be cheap to sign but they can return their weight in gold, or goals. But who are they?

For a full list of ALL the best young wingers and wide midfielders in FM19 see the table at the bottom of the page.

Right wingers & right midfielders

These players are natural at either right wing or right midfield. They can fly down the touchline and deliver deadly passes or even finish themselves. These guys are stars that can produce goals with regularity.

Kylian Mbappe (CA 173 – PA 196)

Age: 19

Position: AM (R), ST

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Country: France

Best Attributes: Pace (20), Acceleration (19), Flair (18)

Value: £71 million

Wage: £325,000 a week

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kylian Mbappe, who is a natural at right winger and striker, is the best young winger in FM 19. He first came to prominence with Monaco during their run to the Ligue 1 in the 2016-17 season. He then made a huge €180 million move to PSG in August 2017 and was instrumental in France winning the 2018 World Cup.

In Football Manager 2019 Mbappe is remarkable. He has excellent speed (20 pace, 19 acceleration) and is superb on the ball (18 technique, 17 dribbling, 16 first touch). He can create for others (15 passing, 13 vision) and is exceptional in front of goal (16 finishing).

Ousmane Dembele (CA 162 – PA 185)

Age: 21

Position: AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: Barcelona

Country: France

Best Attributes: Pace (18), Acceleration (18), Dribbling (17)

Value: £52 million

Wage: £205,000 a week

Ousmane Dembele first made an impact with Borussia Dortmund, but he came up through the Rennes youth system before moving to Germany in 2016 for £24.5 million. He played just one year with Dortmund, immediately taking a place in the first-team and scoring 10 goals over the course of the season. He then made a huge £92 million move to Barcelona where he is currently playing.

In FM 19 Dembele is extremely talented. He is fast (18 pace, 18 acceleration) and good with the ball at his feet (17 dribbling, 16 technique, 15 first touch). He can create for others (14 corner, 13 crossing, 12 passing) and also score himself (14 finishing).

Raheem Sterling (CA 160 – PA 165)

Age: 23

Position: AM (RLC), M (RL)

Club: Manchester City

Country: England

Best Attributes: Agility (19), Acceleration (18), Off The Ball (18)

Value: £62 million

Wage: £150,000 a week

Raheem Sterling came up through the Queens Park Rangers youth system before moving to Liverpool in February 2010 when he was 15. He played with Liverpool for a while, making his senior debut there and racking up over 100 appearances for them before making a £46 million move to Manchester City in 2015. He is a regular for City and has already won over 40 caps for England.

In FM 19 Sterling is all speed (19 agility, 18 acceleration, 17 pace) and on-ball skill (15 dribbling, 15 first touch). His ability to participate in build-up play is decent (14 technique, 13 passing) and he can score too (12 finishing).

Kingsley Coman (CA 153 – PA 171)

Age: 22

Position: AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: FC Bayern

Country: France

Best Attributes: Pace (19), Acceleration (17), Natural Fitness (16)

Value: £34.5 million

Wage: £140,000 a week

Kingsley Coman came up through the Paris Saint-Germain youth academy, making his senior debut in February 2013. In July 2014 he signed with Juventus, but he only played a handful of games with them before going out on a two-year loan to Bayern Munich, who exercised a €21 million option to buy him in April 2017.

In FM 19 Kingsley Coman has terrific speed (19 pace, 17 acceleration, 16 natural fitness). With that comes some good mental attributes (15 work rate, 15 flair, 13 teamwork) and quality on the ball (15 dribbling, 14 first touch, 14 technique).

Gelson Martins (CA 151 – PA 170)

Age: 23

Position: AM (R)

Club: Atletico Madrid

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: Flair (19), Dribbling (18), Technique (18)

Value: £19.5 million

Wage: £110,000 a week

Gelson Martins started his career with Sporting in Portugal. He made his first team debut for them in 2015 and played over 130 games for them before leaving for Atletico Madrid on a free transfer this summer.

In Football Manager 2019 Martins is a terrific creator (19 flair, 18 dribbling, 18 technique), he is also fast (17 acceleration, 16 pace) and has some talent in front of goal too (13 finishing).

Left wingers & left midfielders

These players are all natural at either left wing or left midfield. They have a minimum current ability of 138 and can produce goals consistently. They won’t be cheap, but they are fantastic players.

Leroy Sane (CA 164 – PA 177)

Age: 22

Position: AM (RL), M (L)

Club: Manchester City

Country: Germany

Best Attributes: Pace (19), Acceleration (17), Dribbling (17)

Value: £62 million

Wage: £95,000 a week

Leroy Sane came up through the Schalke youth academy and made his senior debut for them in 2014. He played over 50 games for Schalke’s first team across three seasons before making a massive £37 million move to Manchester City in 2016 where his development has continued.

In FM 19 Sane possesses superb speed (19 pace, 17 acceleration) and has good final product too (17 dribbling, 15 finishing, 14 crossing). Sane also has strong mental attributes for a young player (17 off the ball, 16 flair, 15 vision).

Thomas Lemar (CA 154 – PA 171)

Age: 22

Position: AM (LC), M (L)

Club: Atletico Madrid

Country: France

Best Attributes: Corners (17), Technique (17), Free Kick Taking (17)

Value: £30.5 million

Wage: £110,000 a week

Thomas Lemar made his senior debut with Caen, helping them get promoted from Ligue 2 before moving to Monaco. There he became a first-team player almost immediately and helped them claim the Ligue 1 title in the 2016-17 season. This summer he made a £63 million move to Atletico Madrid.

In FM 19 Lemar is a dead-ball master (17 corners, 17 free kick taking) and has the speed to go past players too (15 pace, 15 acceleration). He is a creative player that can provide chances for teammates (16 passing, 16 flair, 15 crossing, 15 vision) and is as at home in the middle as he is out on the left.

Anthony Martial (CA 154 – PA 175)

Age: 22

Position: AM (L), ST

Club: Manchester United

Country: France

Best Attributes: Dribbling (19), Flair (19), Acceleration (18)

Value: £40.5 million

Wage: £110,000 a week

Anthony Martial started his career with Lyon, making his professional debut in December 2012. He barely made an impact with Lyon before he made a £4.2 million to Monaco in June 2013. He quickly became a key piece for Monaco’s first team until he made a £45 million move to Manchester United in the summer of 2015.

In FM 19 Martial is a counter-attacking dream (19 dribbling, 18 acceleration, 17 pace, 15 finishing). In normal play Martial can pick a pass (19 flair, 15 technique, 13 passing) and is relatively good mentally too (14 composure, 14 off the ball, 13 work rate).

Julian Brandt (CA 152 – PA 172)

Age: 22

Position: AM (RLC), M (RL)

Club: Bayer 04

Country: Germany

Best Attributes: First Touch (18), Dribbling (16), Off The Ball (16)

Value: £32 million

Wage: £69,000 a week

Julian Brandt came up through the Wolfsburg youth academy, but moved to Bayer Leverkusen in January 2014 before he could make a senior team appearance. He made his debut for Leverkusen just a month later and soon became a regular for them. He has already made over 150 appearances for Die Werkself and over 20 for Germany.

In Football Manager 2019 Brandt is magnificent on the ball (18 first touch, 16 dribbling, 16 technique) and can create plenty of chances for his teammates (15 vision, 14 flair, 13 passing, 12 crossing). He has good mental attributes for a young player too (16 off the ball, 15 decisions, 14 anticipation).

Goncalo Guedes (CA 152 – PA 171)

Age: 21

Position: AM (RL), M (L), ST

Club: Valencia

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: Acceleration (17), Pace (17), Determination (16)

Value: £19.5 million

Wage: £99,000 a week

Goncalo Guedes came up through the Benfica youth system, making his first team debut in October 2014. He played over 60 games for the Portuguese side before making a £26.5 million move to Paris Saint-Germain. He only made a few appearances for PSG before going on loan to Valencia, a move that was made permanent for £36 million this summer.

In FM 19 Guedes is a fast winger (17 pace, 17 acceleration, 16 stamina) with solid mental attributes (16 determination, 15 flair, 14 off the ball, 14 work rate). He can run past defenders (15 dribbling) and move the ball pretty well (13 technique, 12 passing, 12 crossing). He can also put the ball in the back of the net (15 long shots, 12 finishing).

All the best young right wingers & right midfielders on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Kylian Mbappé AM (R), ST Paris SG France 19 173 196 £71m £325k
Ousmane Dembélé AM (LR), M (RL) Barcelona France 21 162 185 £52m £205k
Raheem Sterling AM (LRC), M (RL) Man City England 23 160 165 £62m £150k
Kingsley Coman AM (LR), M (RL) FC Bayern France 22 153 171 £34.5m £140k
Gelson Martins AM (R) A. Madrid Portugal 23 151 170 19528000 £110k
Leon Bailey AM (LR), M (RL) Bayer 04 Jamaica 20 151 178 £29.5m £69k
Federico Chiesa AM (LR), M (R) Fiorentina Italy 20 150 171 £25m £54k
Christian Pulisic AM (LR), M (RL) Borussia Dortmund USA 19 147 164 £22m £26k
Cengiz Ünder AM (LR), M (R) Roma Turkey 20 146 169 £19.75m £32k
Cristian Pavón AM (LR) Boca Argentina 22 145 165 £7.5m £11.25k
Bertrand Traoré AM (LR), M (RL), ST OL Burkina Faso 22 145 159 £18.5m £62k
Malcom AM (LR) Barcelona Brazil 21 143 161 £16m £75k
Rony Lopes AM (LRC), M (RL) AS Monaco Portugal 22 143 157 £15m £20.5k
Carlos Soler DM, M (RC) Valencia Spain 21 143 164 £9.75m £35.5k
Marius Wolf WB (R), AM (R), M (R) Borussia Dortmund Germany 23 142 146 £14m £86k
Domenico Berardi AM (RC), ST Sassuolo Italy 23 140 161 £12m £32k
Andrija Zivkovic AM (LRC) SLB Serbia 21 140 160 £13.5m £5.5k
Adnan Januzaj AM (LRC), M (RL) Real San Sebastian Belgium 23 139 155 £11.25m £77k
Mohamed Elyounoussi AM (LRC), M (R) Southampton Norway 23 139 150 £19.25m £60k
Levin Öztunali AM (LR), M (RL) Mainz 05 Germany 22 138 145 £6.25m £13.5k
Nicolas Pépé AM (R), ST LOSC Ivory Coast 23 137 149 £8.75m £31k
Ignacio Pussetto AM (LR), M (R) Udinese Argentina 22 137 157 £10m £16k

All the best young left wingers & left midfielders on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Leroy Sané AM (LR), M (L) Man City Germany 22 164 177 £62m £95k
Thomas Lemar AM (LC), M (L) A. Madrid France 22 154 171 £30.5m £110k
Anthony Martial AM (L), ST Man Utd France 22 154 175 £40.5m £110k
Julian Brandt AM (LRC), M (RL) Bayer 04 Germany 22 152 172 £32m £69k
Gonçalo Guedes AM (LR), M (L), ST Valencia Portugal 21 152 171 £19.5m £99k
Hirving Lozano AM (LR) PSV Mexico 22 148 160 £11m £14.25k
Richarlison AM (LR) Everton Brazil 21 147 170 £26.5m £90k
Keita Baldé AM (L), ST Inter Senegal 23 146 158 £20m £96k
Serge Gnabry AM (LRC), M (RL) FC Bayern Germany 22 146 157 £20.5m £77k
Bruma AM (LR), M (RL) RB Leipzig Portugal 23 145 160 £10.75m £66k
Everton AM (LR), ST GRE Brazil 22 145 160 £9.25m £12.75k
Samu Castillejo AM (LRC), M (RL) Milan Spain 23 145 159 £18.5m £48k
Alex Iwobi AM (LRC) Arsenal Nigeria 22 143 158 £26.5m £50k
Diogo Jota AM (LC) Wolves Portugal 21 142 164 £22.5m £55k
Andrija Zivkovic AM (LRC) SLB Serbia 21 140 160 £13.5m £35.5k
Pione Sisto AM (LR), M (RL) Vigo Denmark 23 140 155 £8m £26.5k
Marko Pjaca AM (LR) Fiorentina Croatia 23 140 156 £12m £48k
Kenedy WB (L), AM (LR), M (L) Newcastle Brazil 22 139 152 £19.25m £25k
Alfonso Pedraza D (L), WB (L), AM (L), M (L) Villarreal Spain 22 138 155 £7m £26.5k


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