Football Manager 2019: Best Right and Left Wingers

Need some quality out wide in FM 19? Have a look at ALL the best right wingers, right midfielders, left wingers and left midfielders to sign on Football Manager 2019.

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Wingers have emerged into perhaps the most dangerous players on the pitch over the past few years. With more space out wide, players can drive at their opponents and cut in with their dominant foot and look to strike at goal. The rise of counter-attacking has also helped these pacey players cause even more damage.

So on Football Manager 2019 who should you be signing? RealSport looks at the best right and left midfielders and wingers for you to pick up in the transfer market. 

For a full list of all the wingers and wide midfielders rated with a current ability (CA) score of 150 or higher, visit the table near the end of the page. 

Right wingers (AMR) & Right Midfielders (MR)

There are some dangerous players on the right side of the pitch, with many of them possessing a dominant left foot. Sign any of these guys and you will have yourself a serious weapon in your team.

Lionel Messi (CA 195 – PA 199)

Age: 31

Positions: AM (RC), ST

Club: Barcelona

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 20 finishing, 20 dribbling, 20 flair

Value: £85 million

Wage: £1.2 million a week

Lionel Messi is equally adept at paying as a right winger or striker on FM 2019, but wherever you field him, this guy will do some damage. The 31-year-old is undoubtedly one of the best players of all time, scoring over 600 goals for club and country and claiming nine league titles and three Champions Leagues with Barcelona.

On FM, Messi has 20 finishing, 20 dribbling and 20 flair to take him to a 195 CA. This has fallen from a 199 potential, but even still it is unlikely you’ll sign him due to a £85 million and massive wages of £1.2 million a week. 

Gareth Bale (CA 182 – PA 186)

Age: 28

Positions: AM (LRC), ST

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Wales

Best stats: 19 long shots, 18 heading, 18 pace

Value: £81 million

Wage: £482,000 a week

With no Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, all eyes are on Gareth Bale to be their superstar. The Welshman has it in him to do just that, just look at his goals in the Champions League final, but he must stay fit to help Los Blancos push for a fourth successive European title. 

Bale’s 182 potential is only four off his 186 potential, and at the age of 28 he could still improve. 19 long shots, 18 heading and pace take him to a value of £81 million and £482,000 a week. 

Mohamed Salah (CA 180 – PA 188)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LR), ST

Club: Liverpool

Country: Egypt

Best stats: 18 finishing, 18 pace, 18 off the ball

Value: £52 million

Wage: £200,000 a week

Mohamed Salah took the Premier League by storm last season, scoring 32 goals in the division, breaking the record for the most goals in a 38-game campaign. The Egyptian has formed a deadly strike trio alongside Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane, which helped Liverpool reach the Champions League final last season. 

18 finishing, 18 pace and 18 off the ball make Salah super-reliable, and help take him to a 180 CA. That can rise to a potential of 188 for the 26-year-old, valuing him at £52 million with a £200,000 a week salary. 

Kylian Mbappe (CA 173 – PA 196)

Age: 19

Positions: AM (R), ST

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Country: France

Best stats: 20 pace, 19 acceleration, 18 flair

Value: £67 million

Wage: £322,000 a week

Another man who had a crazy year is Kylian Mbappe. Following a provisional £166 million move to PSG, the winger and striker scored 21 goals and assisted a further 15 in all competitions, winning all four domestic trophies and capped it all off by winning the World Cup with France in the summer. 

20 pace, 19 acceleration and 18 flair take Mbappe to a 171 CA, which could rise all the way to a frightening 196 PA. Valued at £67 million, perhaps a move isn’t out of the question in the years to come with the 19-year-old’s wages £322,000 a week. 

Sadio Mane (CA 171 – PA 175)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LR), ST

Club: Liverpool

Country: Senegal

Best stats: 17 ambition, 17 pace, 16 first touch

Value: £54.6 million

Wage: £100,000 a week

Sadio Mane is the ‘third man’ in Liverpool’s strike trio, but the Senegalese star has still managed to score 27 goals and add nine assists since Salah moved to Anfield. The 26-year-old can play on both flanks, making him a great asset to any club.

Mane’s is valued at £54.6 million with wages of £100,000 a week and could be worth a move considering his 171 CA and 175 potential. The winger’s best abilities include 17 ambition, 17 pace and 16 first touch.

All the best right wingers

Player A Pos Club Country CA PA V W
Lionel Messi 31 AM (RC)
Barcelona Argentina 195 199 £85m £1.2m
Gareth Bale 28 AM (LRC)
R. Madrid Wales 182 186 £81m £482k
Mohamed Salah 26 AM (LR)
Liverpool Egypt 180 188 £52m £200k
Kylian Mbappe 19 AM (R)
PSG France 173 196 £67m £322k
Sadio Mane 26 AM (LR)
Liverpool Senegal 171 175 £55m £100k
Ousmane Dembele 21 AM (LR)
M (RL)
Barcelona France 162 185 £52m £207k
Juan Cuadrado 30 D (R)
WB (R)
AM (R)
M (R)
Juventus Colombia 161 163 £53m £128k
Willian 29 AM (LRC)
M (C)
Chelsea Brazil 160 162 £52m £120k
Raheem Sterling 23 AM (LRC)
M (RL)
Man City England 160 165 £62m £150k
Jose Callejon 31 AM (R)
Napoli Spain 159 162 £44m £96k
Pedro 30 AM (LRC) Chelsea Spain 158 164 £44m £100k
Federico Bernardeschi 24 AM (LRC)
M (R)
Juventus Italy 157 168 £44m £96k
Arjen Robben 34 AM (LR)
M (RL)
FC Bayern Holland 156 180 £28m £120k
Lucas Moura 25 AM (LR)
Tottenham Brazil 156 158 £33m £80k
Angel Di Maria 30 AM (LR)
M (LC)
PSG Argentina 156 161 £29m £230k
Suso 24 AM (RC) AC Milan Spain 153 162 £33m £96k
Kingsley Coman 22 AM (LR)
M (RL)
Bayern France 153 171 £34m £38k
Andriy Yarmolenko 28 AM (R)
M (R)
West Ham Ukraine 153 160 £39m £115k
Riyad Mahrez 27 AM (LRC)
M (RL)
Man City Algeria 152 163 £56m £200k
Hulk 31 AM (R) Shanghai Brazil 152 161 £34m £180k
Gelson Martins 23 AM (R) A. Madrid Portugal 151 170 £20m £112k
Leon Bailey 20 AM (LR)
M (RL)
Bayer Leverkusen Jamaica 151 178 £29m £69k
Wilfried Zaha 25 AM (LR)
Crystal Palace Ivory Coast 150 160 £30m 100k
Carlos Vela 29 AM (LRC)
LAFC Mexico 150 160 £6m £93k
Pizzi 28 AM (LRC)
M (C)
Benfica Portugal 150 156 £13m £23k
Inaki Williams 24 AM (LRC)
Athletic Bilbao Spain 150 166 £16m £62k
Lucas Vazquez 26 AM (LR)
M (R)
R. Madrid Spain 150 156 £15m £54k
Federico Chiesa 20 AM (LR)
M (R)
Fiorentina Italy 150 171 £25m £54k

Left wingers and midfielders

On the left even more of the world’s stars. Cristiano Ronaldo has transitioned into a striker however, so you won’t find him here amongst this crazy talent. 

Neymar (CA 189 – PA 194)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LC), M (L), ST

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 20 dribbling, 20 technique, 19 ambition

Value: £94 million

Wage: £633,000 a week

Neymar left Barcelona just over a year ago to become the star, and although he picked up the Ligue 1 Player of the Season award, he may already be playing second fiddle to Kylian Mbappe in Paris. Neymar has the greater skill however, and has still managed to back 39 goals and 22 assists in just 43 games in a PSG shirt.

Left winger Neymar has crazy stats of 20 dribbling, 20 technique and 19 ambition on FM, which give him a 189 CA. That can rise to a scary potential of 194 for the 26-year-old, but a transfer seems unlikely due to a £94 million vale and £633,000 a week wage. 

Eden Hazard (CA 180 – PA 185)

Age: 27

Positions: AM (LRC)

Club: Chelsea

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 20 dribbling, 20 agility, 19 penalty taking

Value: £80 million

Wage: £224,000 a week

A scintillating start to the season following on from on a brilliant World Cup, Eden Hazard has entered the conversation for the best player in the world. The Chelsea man has eight goals and three assists in his first 11 matches of the campaign so far, and with him in this form, the Blues are genuine title contenders.

Belgium star Hazard has 20 dribbling, 20 agility and 19 penalty taking take the left winger to a 179 CA which can improve to a 185 potential. An £80 million value and £224,000 a week wage sounds step, but the 27-year-old’s contract is up at the end of next season, opening the door for a transfer. 

Philippe Coutinho (CA 174 – PA 179)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LRC)

Club: Barcelona

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 18 dribbling, 18 flair, 18 technique

Value: £69 million

Wage: £404,000 a week

A very versatile player, Coutinho can play anywhere in the attacking positions behind the striker. The 26-year-old has improved since moving to Barcelona, helping fill the void left by Neymar with 15 goals and nine assists in 36 games. 

Coutinho has a 174 CA on the game, which can rise to a 179 potential for the 26-year-old. 18 dribbling, 18 flair and 18 technique value him at only £69 million but with £404,000 a week wages. 

Douglas Costa (CA 170 – PA 172)

Age: 27

Positions: AM (LR), M (L)

Club: Juventus

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 19 acceleration, 19 dribbling, 18 pace

Value: £65 million

Wage: £192,000 a week

Douglas Costa has lost a regular place at Juventus due to the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Brazilian still offers the club plenty. 13 Serie A assists last season shows he is a serious threat, but at the age of 27 he needs to playing week-in, week-out, with just too much competition to do so in Turin.

Costa has a 170 CA which can creep up to a potential of 172 in the near future. 19 acceleration, 19 dribbling and 18 pace value him at £65 million with a £192,000 a week wage. 

Marco Reus (CA 167 – PA 168)

Age: 29

Positions: AM (LC), ST

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Country: Germany

Best stats: 18 off the ball, 18 acceleration, 17 finishing

Value: £61 million

Wage: £138,000 a week

One of football’s great characters, Marco Reus has endured a difficult few seasons at Borussia Dortmund blighted by injury, but looks to be firmly on his way back to the top. Handed the captaincy at the Westfalenstadion this season, the 29-year-old has been at the fore with eight goals and seven assists in all competitions (14 matches), with BVB top of the Bundesliga.

On FM, Reus has 18 off the ball, 18 acceleration and 17 finishing to his game, which help him to a 167 CA. This is just one shy of his 168 potential, so with a value of £61 million and £138,000 a week wages, he is certainly one to consider. 

All the best left wingers

Neymar 26 AM (LC)
M (L)
PSG Brazil 189 194 £94m £633k
Eden Hazard 27 AM (LRC) Chelsea Belgium 18e 185 £80m £224k
Philippe Coutinho 26 AM (LRC) Barcelona Brazil 174 179 £69m £404k
Sadio Mane 26 AM (LR)
Liverpool Senegal 171 175 £55m £100k
Douglas Costa 27 AM (LR)
M (L)
Juventus Brazil 170 172 £65m £192k
Marco Reus 29 AM (LC)
M (L)
Borussia Dortmund Germany 167 168 £61m £138k
Lorenzo Insigne 27 AM (LC)
Napoli Italy 166 169 £60m £147k
Alexis Sanchez 29 AM (LR)
Man United Chile 165 182 £65m £250k
Leroy Sane 22 AM (LR)
M (L)
Man City Germany 164 177 £62m £95k
Ivan Perisic 29 AM (LR)
M (L)
Inter Croatia 159 160 £49m £128k
Vitolo 28 AM (LR)
M (RL)
A. Madrid Spain 156 158 £38m £186k
Angel Di Maria 30 AM (LR)
M (LC)
PSG Argentina 156 161 £29m £230k
Heung-Min Son 25 AM (LR)
Spurs South Korea 155 159 £39m £95k
Anthony Martial 22 AM (L)
Man United France 154 180 £27m £110k
Franck Ribéry 35 AM (L)
M (L)
Bayern France 154 178 £49m £20 7k
Thomas Lemar 22 AM (LC)
M (L)
A. Madrid France 154 171 £30m £112k
Ezequiel Lavezzi 33 AM (LC)
Huaxia Xingfu Argentina 152 165 £21m £430k
Julian Brandt 22 AM (LRC)
M (RL)
Bayer Leverkusen Germany 152 172 £32m £69k
Memphis Depay 24 AM (LC)
Lyon Holland 152 158 £32m £72k
Taison 30 AM (LC) Shakhtar Brazil 152 155 £14m £40k
Goncalo Guedes 21 AM (LR)
M (L)
Valencia Portugal 152 171 £20m £99k
Emil Forsberg 26 AM (LC)
M (L)
RB Leipzig Sweden 152 155 £32m £69k
Julian Draxler 24 AM (LRC)
M (L)
PSG Germany 151 159 £29m £124k
Felipe Anderson 25 AM (LRC)
M (L)
West Ham Brazil 151 159 £35m £85k
Yannick Carrasco 24 AM (LR)
M (L)
Yifang Belgium 151 164 £35m £169k
Stephan El Shaarawy 25 AM (L) Roma Italy 150 156 £25m £64k
Yacine Brahimi 28 AM (LRC)
M (L)
Porto Algeria 150 156 £11m £40k
Wilfried Zaha 25 AM (LR)
Crystal Palace Ivory Coast 150 160 £30m £100k

A = Age
CA = Current Ability
PA = Potential Ability
V = Value
W = Wage


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