Football Manager 2019: Best Players

With Football Manager accounting for how players have performed so far this season, who are the best players in FM 19?

Alastair Pusinelli by Alastair Pusinelli

Football Manager 2019 is here! FM fans have had to be patient since the start of the season to crack open their laptops and fire up the new game, but wait no longer, it’s time. One of the biggest topics each time the game is released is who are the best players in the game. RealSport looks at the best talent there is, and just how much ludicrous money you will need to even attempt to sign them.

Our list has been compiled by using players’ current ability (CA) and potential ability (PA) scores.

For a full list of ALL the best players in the beta version of Football Manager 2019, visit the table at the bottom of this page. 

Lionel Messi (CA 195 – PA 199)

Age: 31

Positions: AM (RC)

Club: Barcelona

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 20 finishing, 20 dribbling, 20 balance

Value: £85 million

Wage: £1.2 million per week

Lionel Messi’s higher potential means he takes top spot ahead of his long-time rival Cristiano Ronaldo. The Argentine’s figures speak for themselves, scoring 563 goals for Barcelona in 648 games for the club. During that time, he has lifted the La Liga title nine times as well as four Champions Leagues.

On FM, the little magician has a 195 current ability score, which has fallen from a 199 potential. Abilities of 20 finishing, 20 dribbling and 20 balance give him a value of £85 million, but you will need much more to release him from Barca’s grasp. Wages of £1.2 million make the 31-year-old near impossible to sign.

Cristiano Ronaldo (CA 195 – PA 196)

Age: 33

Positions: AM (L), ST

Club: Juventus

Country: Portugal

Best stats: 20 finishing, 20 long shots, 20 penalty taking

Value: £68 million

Wage: £990,000 a week

Cristiano Ronaldo ties with Messi’s CA rating, and if his move to Juventus pays off, Ronaldo will have strengthened his case for being the greatest of all time. The 33-year-old left winger or striker has won league titles in England and Spain, as well as five Champions League titles – including three in a row with Real Madrid. 

Ronaldo’s 20 finishing, 20 long shots and 20 penalty taking take him to a 195 CA, which has only fallen slightly from his 196 potential. Valued at £68 million, you will need close to £100 million to sign him, with his wages also crazy expensive at £990,000 a week. 

Neymar (CA 189 – PA 194)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LC), M (L), ST

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Country: Brazil

Best stats: 20 dribbling, 20 technique, 19 flair

Value: £94 million

Wage: £633,000 a week

Neymar is a frustrating player to watch at times, but boy, does he have talent. The 26-year-old is the most expensive player in the world following his £194 million move to PSG from Barcelona, but he has failed to live up to expectation despite winning four domestic trophies and the Ligue 1 player of the season award in his first season. 

The left winger has 20 dribbling, 20 technique and 19 flair to take him to a 189 CA, which can still improve to a 194 potential. His value of £94 million will at least need to be doubled to sign him on FM 19, with his wages being £633,000 a week. 

Manuel Neuer (CA 186 – PA 193)

Age: 32

Positions: GK

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Best stats: 20 rushing out, 20 throwing, 20 composure

Value: £60 million

Wage: £259,000 a week

Manuel Neuer missed almost the entirety of last season due to injury, so it’s a surprise to see him so high in the best players on FM 19. The 32-year-old returned to captain Germany at the World Cup, but looked rusty. Fit again, he must deliver for his Bayern side and with a new manager his leadership will be vital. 

Neuer has a 186 CA which is only just three shy of his 193 PA. 20 rushing out, 20 throwing and 20 composure take his value to £60 million with wages of £259,000 a week. 

Kevin De Bruyne (CA 186 – PA 186)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (C), M (RC)

Club: Manchester City

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 19 passing, 19 vision, 18 first touch

Value: £80 million

Wage: £230,000 a week

The best Premier League player on FM 19, Kevin De Bruyne has developed into one of the finest all-round midfielders on the planet. Traditionally an attacking midfielder, the Belgian has moved deeper under Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola and to great effect. Since the former Barcelona and Bayern boss arrived at the Etihad, De Bruyne has 44 assists and 19 goals in 102 matches, and has won the Premier League and League Cup.

De Bruyne is valued at £80 million on Football Manager 2019, with wages of £230,000 a week wages. That is a starting point for his 186 current ability rating which matches his PA, meaning the 26-year-old is at his peak. His best stats are 19 passing, 19 vision and 19 first touch. 

Gareth Bale (CA 182 – PA 186)

Age: 28

Positions: AM (LRC), ST

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Wales

Best stats: 19 long shots, 18 pace, 18 heading

Value: £81 million

Wage: £482,000 a week

It’s a surprise to see Gareth Bale so high up this list given his injury niggles, but on his day the Welshman can rival the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. With Cristiano leaving the Bernabeu over the summer, it will be down to Bale to fill the void, but judging by his two goals in the Champions League final off the bench, the right winger isn’t one to shy away from responsibility.

Bale has 19 long shots, 18 pace and 18 heading on FM 19, taking him to a 182 CA. This may just be able to get back towards a 186 potential, taking his value to £81 million but with still hefty wages of £482,000 a week. 

Mohamed Salah (CA 180 – PA 188)

Age: 26

Positions: AM (LR), ST

Club: Liverpool

Country: Egypt

Best stats: 18 acceleration, 18 pace, 18 off the ball

Value: £52 million

Wage: £200,000 a week

What a season Mohamed Salah had last year. In his first campaign at Liverpool, the Egyptian scored 32 Premier League goals, the most ever recorded in a 38-game season. The pressure is on this year to see if he can replicate that form this time around.

18 acceleration, 18 pace and 18 off the ball attributes take Salah to a 180 CA, which can improve to a PA of 188. The right winger is valued at £52 million with wages of £200,000 a week. 

Luis Suarez (CA 180 – PA 188)

Age: 31

Positions: AM (LRC), ST

Club: Barcelona

Country: Uruguay

Best stats: 19 determination, 18 finishing, 18 ambition

Value: £75 million

Wage: £404,000 a week

Luis Suarez may not take the headlines at Barcelona, playing second fiddle to Lionel Messi, but the Uruguayan is still one of the finest strikers on the planet. Last season the 31-year-old scored 31 goals in all competitions with his La Liga triumph taking his career silverware haul to five league titles, six domestic cups and a Champions League.

Suarez is valued at £75 million on FM 19, with large wags of £404,000 a week. 19 determination, 18 finishing and 18 ambition take his CA to 180 which has fallen from a 188 potential. 

Eden Hazard (CA 180 – PA 185)

Age: 27

Positions: AM (LRC)

Club: Chelsea

Country: Belgium

Best stats: 20 dribbling, 20 agility, 19 penalty taking

Value: £80 million

Wage: £224,000 a week

The hottest player in the Premier League at the moment, left winger Eden Hazard has started the new season on fire. The Belgian has seven goals in his first eight league games and is just now three shy of hitting the 100 mark in a Chelsea shirt. A move to Real Madrid could be on the cards, but can you make it happen on FM this year?

20 dribbling, 20 agility and 19 penalty taking take Hazard to a 180 CA, and at the age of 27 he could get closer to his 185 potential. A value of £80 million comes with wages of £224,000 a week. 

David De Gea (CA 180 – PA 183)

Age: 27

Positions: GK

Club: Manchester United

Country: Spain

Best stats: 20 reflexes, 19 temperament, 18 handling

Value: £52 million

Wage: £200,000 a week

David De Gea has bailed Manchester United out time and time again, which has seen him named their player of the year on four occasions. During his career, the Spanish international has lifted the Europa League twice to go with his Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup titles.

The 27-year-old De Gea has abilities of 20 reflexes, 19 temperament and 18 handling to take him to a 180 CA, with a 183 potential. The goalkeeper can be realistically signed, with a £52 million value and £200,000 a week wage. 

All the best players in Football Manager 2019

Player A Pos Club Country CA PA V W
Cristiano Ronaldo 33 AM (L)
Juventus Portugal 195 196 £68m £990k
Lionel Messi 31 AM (RC)
Barcelona Argentina 195 199 £85m £122k
Neymar 26 AM (LC
M (L)
PSG Brazil 189 194 £94m £633k
Manuel Neuer 32 GK Bayern Germany 186 193 £60m £259k
Kevin De Bruyne 26 AM (C)
M (RC)
Man City Belgium 186 186 £80m £230k
Gareth Bale 28 AM (LRC)
R. Madrid Wales 182 186 £81m £482k
Mohamed Salah 26 AM (LR)
Liverpool Egypt 180 188 £52m £200k
David De Gea 27 GK Man Utd Spain 180 183 £52m £200k
Luis Suárez 31 AM (LRC)
Barcelona Uruguay 180 188 £75m £404k
Eden Hazard 27 AM (LRC) Chelsea Belgium 180 185 £80m £224k
David Silva 32 AM (C)
M (C)
Man City Spain 179 179 £67m £160k
Sergio Aguero 30 AM (C)
Man City Argentina 178 183 £75m £230k
Luka Modric 32 M (C) R. Madrid Croatia 178 180 £59m £322k
Antoine Griezmann 27 AM (LC)
A. Madrid France 177 181 £72m £791k
Harry Kane 24 ST Spurs England 177 180 £75m £200k
Robert Lewandowski 29 ST Bayern Poland 175 178 £75m £275k
Paul Pogba 25 AM (C)
M (C)
Man Utd France 174 185 £66m £200k
Christian Eriksen 26 AM (LC)
M (C)
Spurs Denmark 174 179 £65m £75k
Philippe Coutinho 26 AM (LRC) Barcelona Brazil 174 179 £69m £404k
Paulo Dybala 24 AM (C)
Juventus Argentina 174 185 £69m £224k
Sergio Ramos 32 D (C) R. Madrid Spain 174 174 £58m £345k
Kylian Mbappe 19 AM (R)
PSG France 173 196 £67m £322k
Isco 26 AM (LRC)
M (RL)
R. Madrid Spain 173 180 £70m £219k
Jan Oblak 25 GK A. Madrid Slovenia 172 176 £50m £186k
Gonzalo Higuain 30 ST AC Milan Argentina 172 180 £67m £303k
Roberto Firmino 26 AM (LC)
Liverpool Brazil 172 175 £65m £180k
Edinson Cavani 31 ST PSG Uruguay 171 174 £60m £318k
Sadio Mane 26 AM (LR)
Liverpool Senegal 171 175 £55m £100k
Virgil van Dijk 26 D (C) Liverpool Holland 171 174 £53m £180k
Alisson Becker 25 GK Liverpool Brazil 170 185 £49m £76k
Douglas Costa 27 AM (LR)
M (L)
Juventus Brazil 170 172 £65m £191k
Toni Kroos 28 DM
M (C)
R. Madrid Germany 170 176 £62m £345k


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