Football Manager 2019: Best Bargain Wingers (RW/RM & LW/LM)

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Over the past 10-15 years wingers have gone from touchline-huggers that whip in crosses to incisive goal-scorers and consistent creators. The likes of Arjen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo have made the position less about width and delivery and more about tormenting defenders with movement, skill on the ball, and scoring goals. All that extra production has come at a hefty increase in the price of quality wingers and wide midfielders. Of the eight most expensive transfers in world football, seven of those were for players that either played as a winger or hit their primes as wingers before moving to a more central role. 

How to choose the best bargain wingers & wide midfielders in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best bargain wingers and wide midfielders in FM19. These are players that are natural on either flank and can be signed for an initial fee of less than £5 million. This means they are viable transfers for most clubs you will be playing with. You may have to experiment with various add-ons to get the initial fee down, but since they don't impact the transfer budget as much this is a good way to ensure you aren't blowing the lot on one player. 

For a full list of ALL the best bargain wingers & wide midfielders in FM19 see the table at the bottom of the page.


Ricardo Quaresma (CA 140 - PA 170)

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Age: 34


Position: AM (RL)

Club: Besiktas

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: Crossing (20), Flair (20), Technique (18)

Value: £3.4 million

Wage: £39,000 a week

Ricardo Quaresma started his career with Sporting, but after two years with their first team he made a £5 million move to Barcelona in 2003. He didn't last more than a season there, making a return to Portugal with Porto in 2004. There he made a bigger impact, playing over 100 games before moving to Inter. After Porto Quaresma started to move around a lot, but he has racked up 80 caps for Portugal and was part of their Euro 2016 championship team.

Quaresma is a brilliant creator in FM 19 (20 flair, 20 crossing, 18 technique, 17 vision). He can pick out a pass and fire dangerous balls into the box. He can also torment defenders by running at them (17 dribbling, 13 pace, 13 acceleration).


Ramiro (CA 136 - PA 145)

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+ 10

Age: 25


Position: M (R)

Club: GRE

Country: Brazil

Best Attributes: Off The Ball (15), Bravery (15), Pace (14)

Value: £1.7 million

Wage: £8,500 a week

Ramiro came up through the Juventude youth system, playing just one season with their senior team before moving to Gremio in 2013. Since moving he has played over 100 games for Gremio.

In FM 19 Ramiro is a well-balanced player. He can be useful in defence (13 marking, 13 tackling, 13 positioning) and make an impact with the ball (13 passing, 12 crossing, 12 technique). He has good mental attributes across the board (15 bravery, 14 determination, 14 teamwork) and at 25 has a lot of games still ahead of him.


Carlos Sanchez (CA 135 - PA 142)

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Age: 33


Position: M (RC)

Club: SAN

Country: Uruguay

Best Attributes: Work Rate (16), Natural Fitness (16), Teamwork (16)

Value: £1.9 million

Wage: £21,000 a week

Carlos Sanchez started his career with Liverpool Montevideo in Uruguay in 2003. By 2011 he made it to River Plate in Argentina where he played over 100 games while also breaking into the Uruguay national team. Sanchez now plays his football for Santos in Brazil.

In FM 19 Sanchez is a very well-rounded player. With the ball Sanchez can keep possession moving (14 passing, 14 vision) but he can also produce chances (14 crossing, 14 corners) and goals (14 long shots, 12 finishing). Without the ball he can be useful (13 marking, 11 tackling) and he has good physical attributes for someone his age (16 natural fitness, 15 acceleration, 15 stamina).


Vieirinha (CA 135 - PA 150)

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+ 10

Age: 32


Position: D (RL), WB (RL), AM (RL), M (RL)

Club: PAOK

Country: Portugal

Best Attributes: Flair (16), Dribbling (16), Crossing (15)

Value: £2.5 million

Wage: £41,500 a week

Vieirinha started his career with Porto, and though he made his debut with them in August 2006, he was soon out on loan more than he was with his home club. He eventually found a new home with PAOK in 2009 where he played over 70 games before moving to Wolfsburg. He's now back with PAOK.

Vieirinha is very versatile in Football Manager 2019. He's a natural at right midfield but can play anywhere up and down either flank with confidence. He has quality on the ball (16 dribbling, 14 technique, 13 passing) and can produce chances for teammates (16 flair, 15 crossing).


Sebastian Palacios (CA 135 - PA 140)

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Age: 26


Position: AM (R)

Club: Pachuca

Country: Argentina

Best Attributes: Acceleration (17), Pace (16), Crossing (15)

Value: £3.5 million

Wage: £16,500 a week

Sebastian Palacios started his career with Boca Juniors in 2013 but he didn't really settle into the first team and soon bounced around Argentina on loan. In 2017 he left for Mexican club Pachuca where he still plays today.

In FM 19 Palacios is more of an old school winger. He can run (17 acceleration, 16 pace) and deliver a good ball into the box (15 crossing). If that is the way you want your team to play then he is perfect.


Viktor Fischer (CA 140 - PA 157)

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+ 10

Age: 24


Position: AM (LC), M (L), ST

Club: FC Kobenhavn

Country: Denmark

Best Attributes: Determination (17), Anticipation (16), Flair (15)

Value: £2.3 million

Wage: £15,000 a week

Viktor Fischer came up through the Ajax youth system, making his debut for the Dutch side in October 2012 and played over 100 games, scoring over 30 goals, by the time he moved to Middlesbrough for the 2016-17 season. He found little success in England, and moved to Germany the following year, with another move to Copenhagen for the 2018-19 season.

In FM 19 Fischer has very well developed mental attributes (17 determination, 16 anticipation, 15 flair). This helps his overall game and improves his skill in possession (15 technique, 15 first touch, 15 dribbling). He can also create goals himself (14 finishing, 13 long shots) and for others (14 vision, 13 corners, 13 crossing, 13 passing).


Javier Aquino (CA 138 - PA 142)

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+ 10

Age: 28


Position: AM (L), M (L)

Club: Tigres

Country: Mexico

Best Attributes: Dribbling (16), Off The Ball (16), Determination (16)

Value: £1.9 million

Wage: £22,000 a week

Javier Aquino started his career with Cruz Azul and debuted for them in 2010, he came to Europe with Villarreal in 2013 but only played two seasons in Spain before moving back to Mexico with Tigres. He has played over 100 games for them now and won more than 50 caps for Mexico.

In FM 19 Aquino still has good speed despite his age (14 pace, 14 acceleration, 14 stamina) to help him terrorise defences, and he is good on the ball too (16 dribbling, 14 technique). He can pick a pass (14 vision, 14 crossing, 13 passing) at the business end of the pitch to create chances too.


Robinho (CA 135 - PA 168)

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+ 10

Age: 34


Position: AM (L), ST

Club: Sivasspor

Country: Brazil

Best Attributes: First Touch (19), Technique (19), Flair (18) 

Value: £3.2 million

Wage: £27,000 a week

Robinho came up through the Santos youth system and was expected to be the next Brazilian superstar. He moved to Real Madrid in 2005 for £17 million, he played three years there before making a £33.5 million move to Manchester City. He lasted only two years in England and was moved to Milan. He found more success in Serie A but left Milan in 2014 and has since bounced between Brazil and China, he now plays his club football in Turkey.

In FM 19 Robinho is still amazing on the ball (19 first touch, 19 technique, 18 flair). He can give defenders fits (16 dribbling) and create chances for others (15 passing, 14 crossing, 13 vision). He is also good in front of goal himself (12 finishing, 11 long shots).


Alvaro Garcia (CA 135 - PA 141)

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Age: 25


Position: AM (RL), M (L), ST

Club: Vallecano

Country: Spain

Best Attributes: Acceleration (18), Pace (17), Work Rate (13)

Value: £2.8 million

Wage: £15,750 a week

Alvaro Garcia started his career with San Fernando before moving to Granada. He struggled to break into the first team there though, and quickly found himself out on loan. In 2016 he moved to Cadiz permanently and played over 100 games for them before moving to Rayo Vallecano this summer.

In FM 19 Alvaro Garcia is very fast (18 acceleration, 17 pace) which is huge for lower league teams. His mental attributes are solid (13 work rate, 13 anticipation, 13 off the ball) and he has some quality on the ball (13 technique, 12 first touch, 12 dribbling). He also offers a lot more longevity than others on this list.


Aviles Hurtado (CA 133 - PA 133)

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+ 10

Age: 31


Position: AM (LC), ST

Club: Monterrey

Country: Colombia

Best Attributes: Leadership (15), Dribbling (15), Pace (14)

Value: £2.4 million

Wage: £12,250 a week

Aviles Hurtado started his career with America de Cali in Colombia in 2009 but soon moved up to Mexico to play his football. He made over 50 appearances for Chiapas and then for Tijuana and now plays his football with Monterrey. He has also won two caps for Colombia.

In FM 19 Hurtado has good speed (14 acceleration, 14 pace, 14 stamina) and has quality on the ball (15 dribbling, 14 first touch, 14 technique). His mental attributes are good (15 leadership, 14 off the ball, 12 flair) and he can create goals pretty well (14 long shots, 13 crossing, 11 finishing).


All the best bargain right wingers & right midfielders on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Ricardo QuaresmaAM (LR)BeşiktaşPortugal34140170£3.4m£39k
RamiroM (R)GREBrazil25136145£1.7m£8.5k
Carlos SanchezM (RC)SANUruguay33135142£1.9m£21k
VieirinhaD (RL), WB (RL), AM (LR), M (RL)PAOKPortugal32135150£2.5m£41.5k
Sebastián PalaciosAM (R)PachucaArgentina26135140£3.5m£16.5k
JairoAM (LR), M (RL)Hamburger SVSpain24135143£3.7m£17.25k
Sebastián VillaAM (R)BocaColombia22133148£500k£4.2k
Yimmi CharáAM (LR), STATMColombia27133142£3.3m£7.5k
Joao RojasAM (R)SPOEquador29132140£2.8m£7.25k
Jonathan UrretaviscayaAM (LR)MonterreyUruguay28132135£2.9m£13.5k
Orlando BerríoAM (R)FLAColombia27132140£2.8m£9.5k
José ArnáizAM (LR), M (R), STLeganésSpain23131149£3.5m£18k
Fede CartabiaAM (LRC), M (RL)CoruñaArgentina25131144£3m£8.75k
Maxi RodríguezAM (LRC), M (RL)PeñarolArgentina37131165£93k£11k
David BarbonaAM (LR), M (RC)Atl. TucumánArgentina23131140£1.8m£3.4k
MatheusAM (LR)YongchangBrazil35131143£825k£18.5k
Javier CabreraAM (LR)TolucaUruguay26131140£1.2m£10.75k
Mimoun MahiAM (LRC), STFC GroningenMorocco24131138£3.5m£6.75k

All the best bargain left wingers & left midfielders on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Viktor FischerAM (LC), M (L), STFC KøbenhavnDenmark24140157£2.3m£15k
Javier AquinoAM (L), M (L)TigresMexico28138142£1.9m£22k
RobinhoAM (L), STSivassporBrazil34135168£3.2m£27k
Alvaro GarciaAM (LR), M (L), STVallecanoSpain25135141£2.8m£15.75k
Avilés HurtadoAM (LC), STMonterreyColombia31133133£2.4m£12.25k
Alexander SzymanowskiAM (LR), M (RL)LeganésArgentina29132138£4m£18.25k
Sylvester IgbounAM (LC), STUfaNigeria27132133£2.6m£7k
DannyAM (LC)MarítimoPortugal34132160£1.3m£2.7k
Moses SimonAM (LRC)LevanteNigeria22132145£4m£16k
Nicolás BertoloAM (LR), M (RL)BanfieldArgentina32131141£3.5m£4.2k
Oleg ShatovAM (LRC)ZenitRussia27131139£3.5m£43k
Washington CamachoAM (L), M (L)Rosario CentralUruguay32131134£3m£5.5k
RodrygoAM (L), STSANBrazil17130177£1.9m£4.7k
Édgar MéndezAM (LR), M (L)Cruz AzulSpain28130132£2m£14k
Miroslav StochAM (LR)Slavia PragueSlovakia28130140£3.2m£6.1k
Mathieu ValbuenaAM (LRC), M (L)FenerbahçeFrance33130155£3.4m£81k
Wellington SilvaAM (LR), M (RL)INTBrazil25130138£1.9m£10.25k
Paul-Georges NtepAM (L), M (L)VfL WolfsburgFrance25130142£3.4m£69k
Edgar PribAM (LC), M (LC)Hannover 96Germany28130135£3.7m£18k
Emanuele GiaccheriniAM (LRC), M (C)ChievoItaly33130154£2.1m£22.5k
Marko MarinAM (LRC)Red StarGermany29130147£1.3m£11.25k
Diego CastroAM (LC), M (L)Perth GlorySpain35130137£100k£5.5k
Mike FrantzAM (LR), M (RLC)SC FreiburgGermany31130133£3m£12k
Nemanja RadonjicAM (L), STOMSerbia22130155£3.7m£17.25k