Football Manager 2017: Top ten Premier League signings according to FM

If only everything that happened in Football Manager were true…

oliver stein by Oli Stein
If only football were this easy. Search a database, find a player, get a scout report and after two days of simple negotiations, you’ve landed your target.


No fuss, no manipulative agents and no working out how to pay for the deal. Simply pay in instalments over 48 months because the chances are you won’t even be there to see the club go bankrupt. Easy.

To some extent, it is. Well, the scouting aspect at least anyway. Such is the power of the Football Manager scouting system that clubs have began to use it as a real-life tool to complement those already at their disposal. In an age of pervasive digital technology, it’s only natural that football digitises too.


RealSport have teamed up with Football Manager to bring you the top ten signings of this summer’s transfer window. We’ve spoken to the higher powers at Sports Interactive and this is what the iconic game has recommended…



Oli Stein

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