FM21: Will Youssoufa Moukoko feature this year? - Expected Ratings, Winter Update, Positions & more

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There's nothing quite like signing a wonderkid, and watching them blossom into a star.

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And, as far as wonderkids go, there's not many like Youssoufa Moukoko.

16-Year-Old Sensation


Moukoko is one of the hottest talents in the world right now.

The Dortmund teenager became the youngest ever goalscorer in Bundesliga history when he came off the bench to score against Union Berlin on December 18 - aged just 16 years and 28 days.

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But, due to the fact he wasn't 16 at the begging of the FM year, Moukoko doesn't currently feature within FM21.

Will we see that change this year?

Winter Update

If we are to see the Cameroonian introduced to the FM fold, then expect to see it happen during the Winter Update.


This update tends to drop in mid to late February, when the Sports Interactive team make a number of key changes to the game - including those all-important winter transfers.

Now Moukoko isn't a new Dortmund signing per se, but as far as FM goes he is, having been promoted to the first time in recent weeks.

Expected Ratings

Whether we see the youngster in FM21 or FM22, his rating is going to be a hotly contested debate.

Eduardo Camavinga is the top-rated youngster on FM21 in terms of potential, being the only teenager to have the potential to rise into the 170-200 range.

INSANE! Camavinga has some crazy potentials!
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INSANE! Camavinga has some crazy potentials!
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We don't imagine the Moukoko will be in that range - not this year anyway - but we do imagine he'll be up there with the best of the rest.

We think a potential of around 150-180 is more likely, but don't be surprised to see slightly lower than that should he be added this year!