Football Manager 2017: Top Ten Loan Signings

RealSport have picked out the top ten players available to sign on loan. When it comes to loan signings, they’re a great way to get top players at your club, essentially for free, albeit on a temporary basis. They’re particularly useful for smaller clubs that are financially constrained. However, it’s important to remember that with loan signings, you’ll likely be asked to pay a monthly fee as well as paying most, if not all, of their wages whilst they’re at your club.


This is particularly the case if you want the best of the best on loan. Signing young players is your best bet if you’re a smaller club as they won’t require as big a contribution. Another benefit of loan signings is that you have the chance to see your player in action before deciding to purchase them on a permanent deal, if the parent club is willing to sell, that is.

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Joel Pohjanpalo (Striker, 21, Bayer Leverkusen, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

The 21-year-old striker from Finland would make an excellent loan signing for a mid-table or bottom of the table top-flight side as Leverkusen would only require a playing wage contribution of 50% (£3,700 p/w) and an unused wage contribution of 100% (£7,250 p/w). Even at his young age, he has good international experience and is highly ambitious.

He’s fairly quick (pace 13 and acceleration 15), but his finishing and heading are impressive for his age (both 15) and his off the ball movement (15) makes him a thorn in the side of central defenders. For roughly £10,000 p/w, Pohjanpalo is well worth taking on loan for a season. He can play either as an advanced forward, poacher or complete forward.


Adrien Rabiot (Central Midfielder, 21, PSG, CA 3 – PA 5)

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It’s surprising that the 21-year-old Frenchman, Rabiot, is allowed to leave PSG on loan considering that he’s first-team quality already, but this is the case and it’s something you should take advantage of. His marking (15), tackling (13), positioning (13) and work rate (14) mean he’s adept as a ball-winner, though his best role is as a deep-lying playmaker. His passing, vision, anticipation and decision-making are all either 14 or 15 and he would be a steal for any club.

Rabiot is also a good athlete; he’s agile (15) and naturally fit (14). His wages, however, may be a stumbling block and he’s likely only accessible for top six teams as PSG demand a playing contribution of £30,000 p/w and an unused contribution of £49,500 p/w.


Lynden Gooch (Attacking Midfielder, 20, Sunderland, CA 2 – PA 4)

The 20-year-old American, Gooch, isn’t first-team ready just yet if you’re a big club, but he’s a perfect loan signing for top Championship sides as his £5,000 p/w wages are extremely affordable. He’s pacey (15), can accelerate well (16) and is agile (16).

His technical attributes are average, however; passing 11, technique 12 and first touch 10, but you have to take into account the fact that he’s still only 20 and there is plenty of room for development. His dribbling (16) means he’s a suitable option to play out wide on the right, too. Finishing of 12 means he can also play as a striker, in addition, adding to his versatility as a player.


Cameron Carter-Vickers (Centre-back, 18, Tottenham, CA 2.5 – PA 4.5)

Tottenham’s 18-year-old centre-back is a star in the making and he would be a real coup of a loan signing, especially for teams at the bottom of the Premier League or top of the Championship. His lack of experience may prove problematic, but that’s the purpose of loan signings at the end of the day, to improve the player in question. For Carter-Vickers, however, he’s first team ready.

His marking (15), tackling (14) and positioning (12) make him a top central defender for his age, plus his passing (13) means he could also be deployed as a ball-playing centre-back if this is what your tactics require. He also possesses a fair amount of pace (14) for a defender. Moreover, his £10,000 p/w wages are very reasonable for financially challenged clubs.


Mariano (Striker, 22, Real Madrid, CA 2 – PA 3)

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Real Madrid would only require you to pay 50% of Mariano’s £20,000 p/w wages both as a playing and an unused wage, which means he is very accessible for smaller clubs. Moreover, the Dominican Republic striker is ready for the Premier League as an advanced forward. His finishing is 14, heading 13, composure 14 and off the ball movement 15. However, at 178cm and with a jumping reach of 8, Mariano isn’t much of an aerial threat, so may not be the best option for teams looking to play direct football that incorporates a target man.

He’d be a good starting option particularly for teams trying to stave off relegation. Pace (13) and acceleration (14) are also big aspects of his game. His prior goal-scoring record, too, is impressive as he scored 25 goals in 28 games for Real Madrid’s ‘B’ team last season.


James Husband (Left-back, 22, Burnley, CA 2.5 – PA 4)

If you decide to sign James Husband, you’ll be loaning a left back who’s naturally fit (15), pacey (14) and determined (16). These are impressive physical and mental stats for someone of a young age. In terms of Husband’s technical ability, his tackling and crossing (both 14) are impressive, though he’s let down a little by his marking (11) and positioning (12). However, he’s a young talent and the purpose of loaning him would be to aid in his development, whilst benefitting from his talent at the same time.

Given that Middlesbrough had just achieved promotion to the Premier League, I think this is a loan for the cash-strapped Championship sides, especially as his £14,000 p/w wages aren’t too daunting. He’s most effective as a fullback, but can also play as a wingback if you require this type of player. Although he’s very one-footed, he can play in most positions on the left side of the pitch.


Federico Ricca (Left-back, 21, Malaga, CA 2.5 – PA 4)

Like Husband, Ricca, the 21-year-old Uruguayan, is another solid choice if you’re looking for a loan signing at fullback. He’s very one-footed, which may be a downside of loaning him, though luckily, his favoured foot is his left and, unsurprisingly, he’s a left back. His technical stats are already impressive; his tackling is 16, marking 14 and crossing 15, meaning he can both attack and defend, important qualities that make for a good fullback.

He’s not particularly fast, however, as both his pace and acceleration are only 13. He’s fairly hard-working and equally as determined, both 14, but his inability to leap off the ground (jumping reach of 9) makes him vulnerable in the air. Overall, though, he’d be a good loan signing and Malaga would only require a weekly wage contribution of £3,000 (£7,500 is he’s an unused substitute).


Jonathan Leko (Right/Left Winger, 17, West Brom, CA 2.5 – PA 4.5)

Despite his very young age of 17 years, Leko would be a great loan signing for lower stature Premier League clubs and, additionally, clubs in the Championship. For a 17-year-old, he has significant quality already. Importantly for a winger, his dribbling is 15, technique 12, work rate 12 and determination 14. Although his crossing and passing are only 10s, it’s important to remember his age and the considerable scope for improvement.

Moreover, speed underpins his overall game, as his pace is 16 and acceleration 17. He’s also tricky; his flair is 15. On balance, he’s already got the makings of a star player and he’d be a coup of a loan signing for small clubs, especially as his wages are very reasonably set at £2,500 p/w.


Boschilia (Attacking Midfielder, 20, AS Monaco, CA 2.5 – PA 3.5)

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The 20-year-old Brazilian central attacking midfielder possesses good pace (13) and acceleration (14), he’s hardworking for a youngster (13) and determined (14). It’s his technical attributes that catch the eye, however. His passing is 13, technique 15 and first touch 14, making him a decent playmaker for teams seeking promotion from the Championship or survival in the Premier League.

His free kick taking (17) means he’s also a threat from set pieces and it’s another reason to pick up the Brazilian on loan. He’s also a versatile player so could fill a few gaps in your squad depth; he can play as a number ten, a holding midfielder or on the right or left side of attacking midfield. His crossing (13), dribbling (14) and flair (14) certainly help in this sense. Moreover, Monaco would only require £4,100 p/w to allow him to leave.


Leandro Rodríguez (Striker, 23, Everton, CA 2.5 – PA 4)

Rodríguez is a player in need of game time and fast, hence why he’d be a suitable option to take on loan if you’re in need of a cheap, easy stopgap. Whilst he may have four-star potential right now, this will begin to wane if he isn’t getting regular football, considering he’s already 23 years of age. The Uruguayan, however, will slot straight into the first-teams of Championship clubs and bottom Premier League clubs. He’s most adept as a false nine; his finishing is 11, dribbling 12, technique 14 and off the ball movement 14.

Rodríguez is also pretty agile (14) and quick (pace 13 and acceleration 15). Whilst he’s not the most outstanding player and can only play in one position, he’s definitely a solid choice for a one-season loan signing, especially if you’re a financially constrained club in need of a quick solution. He’s only earning £10,000 p/w so smaller clubs shouldn’t be priced out of a move.

How to sign players on loan

  1. To make these signings, go on to the player's transfer tab.
  2. Click 'make an offer' on the drop down menu and then select 'loan offer.'

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