FM 17: Bundesliga Transfer & Wage Budgets

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Now that we’ve covered La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League, it’s time to move on to the German Bundesliga. The German first division also doesn’t accrue as much money from TV rights as the Premier League, though German football is particularly well run financially and there’s a number of clubs with a good amount of money to spend, namely Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. What's most striking about the Bundesliga is the number of 'rich' clubs in the league. 


However, the relative lack of money in Germany isn’t too much of an issue as the nation is home to numerous young, bustling and intense academies, so you’ll have plenty of young talent to work with. However, if you are seeking fame and fortune, Bayern Munich is your best choice because of their £34.4m transfer budget. Their squad, though, like many top European teams, is basically pre-made and doesn’t need much work.

Dortmund is always a great challenge for the football ‘hipsters’ of the world and it’s the perfect spot for you to try and implement your counter-pressing tactics. Moreover, you’ll receive £16.6m to play with. Perhaps the most appealing challenge would be to take over RB Leipzig. Backed by energy drink giants Red Bull, they have a £12.9m transfer budget, but that’ll rise with some good performances. They’re Germany’s most hated club and what better fun than to turn such a club into the best in the land?

Team Transfer Budget Wage Budget p/w Wage Current Spend p/w Financial Status European Competition (first season)
Bayer Leverkusen£3.4m£1.17m£1mRichChampions League
Bayern Munich£34.4m£3.5m£3.2mRichChampions League
Borussia Dortmund£16.3m£1.17m£1.6mRichChampions League
Borussia Monchengladbach£10.3m£852k£775kRichChampions League
Eintracht Frankfurt£2.1m£480k£450kRich-
Hertha Berlin£2.1m£506k£475kRichEuropa League
Mainz£861k£437k£400kRichEuropa League
RB Leipzig£12.9m£549k£475kRich-
Schalke£8.6m£1.5m£1.4mRichEuropa League
Werder Bremen£2.5m£670k£600kRich-

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