FM 22: New Features Announced - Data Insight, Tactical Options headline reveal

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With the release date of FM 22 closing in on us, we're learning more about the game each day. This time it's a huge new features reveal that debuts some awesome additions to the game.

To keep you up to date so you don't miss out on anything new coming to FM 22, we've got all the details for you here!

Let's get you up to speed on the new features coming to FM 22.

FM 22 New Features reveal

As we get closer to being able to play Football Manager 2022, we received a trailer that highlights new and exciting features coming to the game. One of these features is new data tracking.

We didn't get a deep dive into the data tracking, but we can see that there is a momentum and passing chart on its way. Check out the features reveal trailer here!

There are a ton of new features being brought to the game and we're excited to learn more as we near the expected November 9th release date.

Here are the features we noticed in the reveal trailer for FM 22.

New Tactical Options - New Player Position Revealed!

Something that really stuck out to us was the addition of the wide-centre back position. This is going to completely change your game plan in FM 22 and allows for more creativity.

An image of the lineup in FM 22
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NEW POSITION: The additional position could be the first of many in FM 22

You'll have more control than ever of the Wonderkids in FM 22, changing the way you shape your squad heading into match day.

Transfer Window Options - Make headlines on Deadline Day

It looks as if the Transfer Window options in FM 22 are getting a rework from how they operated in FM 21. One of these additions is stealing headlines during deadline day!

The FM 22 Deadline countdown screen
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MAKE AN OFFER: Steal the headlines with a last minute signing in FM 22

These are a few of the gameplay changes we found out about in the recent FM 22 Dev Update:

  • Many clubs will start with smaller budgets than normal, having to sell players.
  • Some clubs will have to focus on reducing squad size and wage bills.
  • The in-game transfer system will be more flexible in FM 22.

We hope to get an in-depth look at how the Transfer Window is going to operate in FM 22 soon. For now, at least we know that the team has drastically updated it.

New Data Windows - Match Momentum / Passing Chart


This is an awesome feature being brought to FM 22 this year as it'll completely change the way you interact with previous match data!

The new Match Momentum window in FM 22
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MATCH MOMENTUM: Check out how the momentum of your last match went!

The Match Momentum screen shows the danger of possession through the first and second half of the match. The Passing Chart will display all of your passes throughout the game and the new data window will give you suggestions on what to do in the next match.

Key Findings screen in FM 22
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ALL NEW DATA: Learn more than ever in FM 22 with the new Key Findings screen

By checking out the Key Findings screen you'll be able to plan for your next match by using the previous match's data.

We're hoping for a deep dive on these new features for FM 22 soon and will keep you updated on each one! If you're looking to pre order FM 22, follow this link!

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