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22 Nov 2020

FM 21: Best Young Left Backs (DL, WBL) - Mendes, Davies, Pellegrini & more

Your full backs can often be overlooked when you're thinking about transfers on FM.

If you're hesitant to splash the cash on those left sided defenders then why not try picking up a youngster?

Best Young Left Backs

This list will be comprised of the best young left backs that are available in Football Manager 2021.

As the game is still in its Beta stage, we don't know the overall potentials as of yet but trust us, you'll want to go after these youngsters!

Nuno Mendes

Nuno FM21

Age: 18

Position: DL, WBL

Club: Sporting

Value: £4.5M

Sporting have been known for developing some pretty decent young talent - does the name Cristiano Ronaldo ring a bell? - and it looks like Nuno Mendes could be next.

The 18-year-old is right up there with the very best young fullbacks on FM21. With impressive abilities both on and off the ball, he'll fit right in at any high tempo side.

Juan Miranda

Juan Miranda FM21

Age: 20

Position: DL, WBL, ML

Club: Real Hispalis (On loan from Barcelona)

Value: £700k

If you're after a promising attacking young full-back, then Juan Miranda should be high up on your list.

The Spaniard is currently on a season-long loan at Real Hispalis so you won't be able to grab him straight away but, with a years further development under his belt, the then 21-year-old should be ready for first-team action.

Alphonso Davies

Davies FM21

Age: 19

Position: LB, WBL, M/AM R/L

Club: FC Bayern

Value: £6M

Now if we're talking versatility, then Alphonso Davies is your man.

The Champions League winner is still just 19-years-old and has the ability to play pretty much anywhere you'd like! His £88k wages are steep though, this is one for those taking charge of a European giant!

Luca Pellegrini

Pellegrini FM21

Age: 21

Position: DL, WBL

Club: Genoa (On loan from Zebra (Juventus )

Value: £4.4M

Another loanee who is work keeping an eye on is Italian fullback Luca Pellegrini.

Pellegrini is currently on a season-long loan from Juventus, who will be looking to implement him into their set up at the end of the season. Picking him up won't be easy, but it'll be worth your while if you can.

Owen Wijndal

Wijndal FM21

Age: 20

Position: DL, WBL, ML

Club: AZ

Value: £2.8M

If you're after a LB to walk straight into your side, then Owen Wijndal might be for you.

The Dutch teenager is listed as an important player at his current club AZ though, meaning that negotiations will be tough. His attacking prowess means he's a great player to have running the overlap.

Ryan Sessegnon

Ryan Sessegnon FM21

Age: 20

Position: LB, WBL, ML

Club: Hoffenheim (On loan from Spurs)

Value: £19.5M

Another very good young fullback out on loan is Ryan Sessegnon.

The Englishman is out of favour at Spurs and could be worth looking at come the end of your first save, you'd have to negotiate down from that hefty price tag though.

Vitaliy Mykolenko


Age: 21

Position: LB, DC

Club: Dynamo Kyiv

Value: £3.1M

Now this is a signing for those wanting a more defensively minded fullbac.

Mykolenko is equally happy at fullback or at centre back, offering that stability across your backline.

Jesus Vazquez

Screenshot 2020 11 22 at 16 19 51

Age: 17

Position: DL, WBL, ML

Club: Valencia B

Value: £62k

If we're talking bargains, then Jesus Vazquez is amongst the very best.

The Valencia B man has a value of just £62k and, with a 19-rated determination, the young Spaniard has the ability to get to the very top!

Aaron Hickey

Screenshot 2020 11 22 at 16 20 51

Age: 18

Position: DL, DR

Club: Bologna

Value: £875k

If you're after a back up fullback with the potential to turn into a star, then Aaron Hickey is a very good shout.

The Scottish youngster is currently plying his trade in Italy with Bologna. With the ability to play on the left or the right, the teenager would make a great squad player in any side.

David De la Vibora

Screenshot 2020 11 22 at 16 21 52

Age: 17

Position: DL, WBL

Club: Valencia

Value: £7k

The final name on the list may not be the very best, but he's certainly one of the best in terms of value for money.

David De la Vibora has a value of just £7k and a weekly wage of just £325, one to look at if you're lower down the leagues for sure.