FM 16 La Liga Wonderkids: Best XI

We’ve got the top La Liga wonderkids for the best XI.

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La Liga wonderkids best XI: We’ve already given you Europe’s best wonderkids, but understandably, it can be hard to decipher which ones are the best to buy. Not all wonderkids live up to their potential, so, for every league, we’ve come up with a starting XI of the best wonderkids for you to sign. If you’re thinking of starting a new game save, check our other FM16 guides:

The rules of La Liga state every player must have a minimum release fee clause, so we’ve stated for each player as well.

Lineup = (Lopez, Vigaray, Laporte, Mere, Gaya,, Karisic, Lopez, Odegaard, Castillejo, Vietto, Villalibre).  

GK – Pau Lopez (Espanyol)

Minimum release fee clause – £11m

Lopez has been biding his time in Espanyol’s reserve teams for the past few years, but is now ready for first team action, as is the case in real life. He also has a 4.5 potential rating, so if you need a young keeper, look no further.   

RB – Carlos Vigaray (Getafe)

Minimum release fee clause – £3.8m

Vigaray is a versatile right back who can also play anywhere across the back four and is also reasonably priced at £3.8m. He would be a smart signing for a mid-table team looking to push further up the league or a side challenging for a Europa League spot.

CB – Ayermic Laporte (Athletic Bilbao)

Minimum release fee clause – £35.5m

Even at £35.5m, Laporte’s release clause still seems reasonable. Why? Because if you sign him, you’ll have one of the best centre halves in the game for the next ten seasons.

CB – Jorge Mere (Sporting)

Minimum release fee clause – £17.75m

Mere might set you back a fair bit, but remember, he is just 18. At the time of any new game save, Mere has already been capped once by the Spanish U-21 side, despite his limited experience. He is something of a high-risk/high-reward type of proposition, so if you can’t afford Laporte, go for Mere.

LB – Jose Gaya (Valencia)

Minimum release fee clause – £35.5m

Gaya will cost you a pretty penny, but like Laporte, is one of those players you don’t mind spending lavishly on. Think about it, if you bought both Gaya & Laporte for the cost of their release clauses (£71m), and they gave you 10 years of insane-quality service, that’s £7m/season for two of the game’s best young defenders…   

CM – Strahinja Karisic (Granada)

Minimum release fee clause – £1.5m

Karisic is a low-risk/high-reward prospect who could become your number 10 of the future, if you give him the time. He will need a lot of work, and careful development, but a 4.5-star rated player at £1.5m is just too good to turn down.

CM – Unai Lopez (Athletic Bilbao)

Minimum release fee clause – £11.5m

For the price you pay, Lopez is actually one of the most savvy signings on this list. He has already featured in first team for Bilbao, and the good thing about him is you can either play him right away, or loan to him a top European side. His 5-star potential means he can become as good as you can make him.   

AMR – Martin Odegaard (Real Madrid)

Minimum release fee clause – £14.5m At £14.5m

Odegaard is an absolute steal, especially if you’re a top club with some money to spare. If you sign him now, you can stash him away for a few seasons, loan him out, and let him grow. However, he makes less sense to sign if you’re in desperate need of a new right winger now. If you can’t afford Odegaard, try Marjan Shved of Sevilla (5-star potential, £875k minimum release fee clause)

AML – Samu Castillejo (Villareal)

Minimum release fee clause – £13.75m

The budding left wingers in La Liga aren’t exactly screaming ‘sign me ASAP, I’m actually decent’, but Castillejo is a good pick from a relatively poor selection, and at £13.75m, could be great for a side pushing for Europa League football this year.   

ST – Luciano Vietto (Atletico Madrid)

Minimum release fee clause – £34m

The latest in Ateltico Madrid’s vast conveyor belt of damn right amazing strikers is Vietto, who has already played over 100 first team games across two clubs. He costs a fair bit, but has some unavoidable stats (finishing – 16, dribbling – 16, pace, 15, off the ball – 17, determination – 17), so will be worth every bit of that £34m you will probably have to spend to sign him.

ST – Asier Villalibre (Atheltic Bilbao)

Minimum release fee clause – £1.7m

I saved the cheapest and most accessible signing until last, and what a player you could have here for just under £2m. Villalibre is yet to play any major first team action at the time of your game save starting, but could be FM16’s version of Jesus Vallejo (£1.1m release clause defender who turns into an absolute maniac in FM15).  

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