FM 16 Ipswich: Player Ratings Revealed

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FM 16 Ipswich - RealSport have been scouring through FM16 and have devised a way to give you the lowdown on every Championship squad. First things first, here’s every Championships teams’s transfer and wage budget revealed, so you know exactly how much each team gets at the start of every game. We’ve decided to rate every team, with ratings ranging from 0-5, with 5 being the highest, and 0 the lowest.

  • The ‘rating’ column shows you what level they player is at now
  • The ‘potential’ column gives you an idea of how much that player can grow by
  • We’ve also included an ‘importance’ column, which gives you an idea of how important that player is for your squad.

E.g. a player who’s importance rating is 4.5 is one you should probably never sell, while someone with an importance rating of 2 wouldn’t be missed that much if you were to offload him. The ratings are also relative to the where the club is at, so a 3.5-star player at a strong team could well be a 4.5-star player at another club. Remember, it's all relative. The ratings for all the Championship teams can be found here. A list of other useful FM 16 guides:


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Importance Age Nationality Value
GoalkeeperBartosz Bialkowski3.53.5427Poland£1.8m
GoalkeeperDean Gerken33330England£1.3m


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Importance Age Nationality Value
DefenderJonathan Parr3.53.5426Norway£1.5m
DefenderLuke Chambers3.53.5429England£3.1m
DefenderChristophe Berra3.53.5430Scotland£2.7m
DefenderTommy Smith3.53.5425New Zealand£2.1m
DefenderPiotr Malarczyk2.53.5323Poland£725k
DefenderJonas Knudsen44522Denmark£3m


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Importance Age Nationality Value
MidfielderJonathan Douglas2.52.5233Ireland£71k
MidfielderCole Skuse3.53.5429England£1.8m
MidfielderLuke Hyam2.54523England£1.8m
MidfielderFreddie Sears3.54525England£2.5m
MidfielderJay Tabb3.53.5431Ireland£575k
MidfielderGiles Coke22229England£525k
MidfielderTeddy Bishop3.54518England£1.9m
MidfielderTommy Oar3.54523Australia£2.5m
MidfielderRyan Fraser44521Scotland£3m
MidfielderAinsley Maitland-Niles3.54517England£2.1m
MidfielderKevin Bru33326Mauritius£1.5m


Position Player Current Rating Potential Rating Importance Age Nationality Value
StrikerLarsen Toure2.52.5230Guyana£500k
StrikerDylan Connolly1.52.5120Ireland£375k
StrikerDavid McGoldrick44527Ireland£5.5m
StrikerDaryl Murphy44532Ireland£900k
StrikerBrett Pitman2.52.5227England£1.3m

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