FM 16 Chelsea: Complete Guide (Wonderkids, Transfer/Wage Budget, Who to Buy/Sell)

Despite their struggles this year in real life, Chelsea still have one of the most FM-friendly teams in the Premier League.

by Roei Samuel

FM 16 Chelsea – Despite their struggles this year in real life, FM 16 Chelsea – Despite their struggles this year in real life, Chelsea still have one of the most FM-friendly teams in the Premier League. Their squad is essentially a compilation of young, and more importantly, expensive players, mixed with some older players who are still pretty elite. So there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be done here, but if you make these few tweaks, it’ll leave you in good stead to compete on four fronts in your first season.  


We’ve given you the minimum and maximum budget available, depending on what your expectations are. Transfer Budget – £40.19m – 45.75m Wage Budget – £2.9m – 3.19m

FM 16: Every Premier League Team’s Transfer/Wage Budget Revealed

Key players to build your team around

The following players should never be sold and should form the spine of your team for the foreseeable future. Some are obvious choices, others less so, but none of the following players are easily replaced.

FM 16: Premier League Wonderkids XI

Kurt Zouma (20)

Zouma is just 20 years young but already such a key part of Chelsea’s back four. He’s fast, strong, versatile and with 4.5-star potential, will become a mainstay in your defence for the next 10+ seasons.

Eden Hazard (24)

Everyone knows how good Hazard is but the problem on FM is that there aren’t too many accessible players (i.e. players you can actually afford to sign) that are better than him. If anyone’s untouchable on this team (in FM terms), it’s Hazard.

Thibaut Courtois (23)

One of the best young goalkeepers in the Premier League both in real-life and Football Manager is Courtois. At 23, he is a baby in goalkeeping years, and is consistently strong between the sticks:

Best youngsters to keep an eye on

The best players on your side that are 21 or younger that you need to keep an eye out for in future. If the player is under 21 and is already someone to build your team round, they won’t be included in this list. Keep the following players either to integrate into your first-team or to sell for a high price later on.

FM 16: Europe’s Best Wonderkids XI

Kenedy (19)

He’s a little raw to begin, but is a perfect option as a back-up winger who in-time, could eventually make the right-wing spot his own under the right guidance. He also can demand a quite a high transfer fee, so is worth nurturing.

Mario Pasalic (20)

Pasalic has 5-star potential, and is a great candidate to be eased into the first-team to take replace Cesc Fabregas. Under the right guidance, he can really shine, but don’t rush his development.

Players you should consider letting go

The following are players who could be easily replaced for one reason or another.

How To Sign Any Player For Cheap On FM 16

Gary Cahill

In the world of Football Manager, Cahill isn’t the best performer and you could recoup around £11-15m for him, which will basically pay for Balanta (see below)


If there’s a team willing to pay £40-45m for Oscar (which there usually is at the start of a game save), take it. There are better, more FM-friendly players out there (Barkley, Reus, Bernard)

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

RLC isn’t ready to contribute right away, so don’t’ let him rot on the reserves. Loan out him to a Championship club and keep a close eye on his progress.

Recommended signings

Chelsea could do with another young forward to fill-in for Costa, although Falcao is surprisingly prolific in FM, despite struggling majorly in real-life in English football. Another young centre back would also be a good fit for Chelsea.

Premier League’s Best Wonderkids 

Breel Donald Embolo (18)

Basel – £14m Embolo can contribute right away, and can also play out-wide to great effect. He is one of the best strikers in the game, so no more than that needs to be said.

Eder Alvarez Balanta (22)

River Plate – £7m Balanta is another like Zouma, who makes the inevitable decline of Ivanovic/Cahill far less painful. If you decide to sell Cahill, Balanta is a solid choice to replace him.

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