When is Flight Simulator Arriving on Xbox One?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next big step for realism and detail in Simulations.

We can't wait to explore the world with ease with stunning sceneries and views.

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The gmae is currently available on PC on the Game Pass, but when will it come to Xbox One?

PC Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally released on PC.

flight simulator cap 10
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CITIES - Explore a world of amazing cities and towns!


This full release comes with a few editions, with extra content like new planes, airstrips, airports and more!

There are a few ways to get access to the new Flight Sim, meaning you may not have to falk out a large amount of money to play.

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The full game is over 90GB so make sure you have space on your SSD or HDD for the full game.

Game Pass?

Currently, Flight Sim is available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

This makes Flight Sim a lot more affordable and accessible to a wider audience than just the hardcore fans


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With a greater player base and a wider community, Microsoft will be able to get more feedback to improve their game.

Xbox Release Date

Unfortuneatly, we still have no news of an Xbox release.

flight simulator open world servers
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FLY WITH FRIENDS - You can explore the world alone, or with a group of friends!


We know Flight Simulator is coming to Xbox One but with no announcement, it's still unclear as to when this will happen.

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Because Flight Simulator is available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, we can expect the game to come to Xbox on the Game Pass as well!