RealOpinions: Microsoft Flight Simulator remains a mystery two weeks from release

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been one of the games to watch for 2020.

The colossal simulator is fast approaching its release after some initial delays, and we even got a recent trailer going over the hand-crafted planes and airports set to feature!

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Some feel as if the developers have overcompensated on the insanely cool features coming with the title, but there are a couple of fundamental things missing.

The good

Before we discuss the small number of things that could hold back the sim, there is plenty of good news to discuss...

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CONTENDERS: As one of the few big-budget titles to arrive this year, this flight sim could soar all the way to the top!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is debuting new real-time weather systems, improved aerodynamics, and other highly-detailed refinements, delivering its most authentic simulation yet.

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Showing off high capacity servers and ultra-realism, you’ll be fully immersed in the flight simulator experience when it arrives.

Whether you want to play with your friends or journey around the world on your own (we don't blame you, it's been a tough year), you will be able to do so with the almost infinite capacity servers!

You’ll be able to communicate and work with others in the server, as well as with the real-world traffic.

On top of this, it looks like we will be getting an endless selection of stunning aircraft to assist you on your journey around the world.

But there's one small problem (don't act surprised, you were expecting a 'but' eventually), and it has not been addressed by the developers yet.

The bad

We all know that Microsoft Flight Simulator hits PC on 18 August, but its Xbox release date is actually still to be announced.

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STORMY WEATHER AHEAD: Real-time weather will make the simulator feel more realistic than ever before!

This means that Microsoft's very own IP is looking likely to become a PC exclusive launch, and Xbox One players are mad!

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Whether or not an Xbox One version will arrive in 2020 is still unknown, so now would be a good time to start praying.

The concept of Microsoft's global cloud-powered simulator is also pretty overwhelming, let alone the demand you'd think that it will place on your PC to run it.

With the ability to travel anywhere on the planet, it kinda sounds like you'll need a top-tier gaming computer... but it's actually not too different from the average PC game.

The simulator will hand its backdrop to cloud, so your PC only needs to stream map data in real-time and display it on-screen.

Wait, that's a point for the 'good' side, no?

The ugly

Here's where it gets tough (especially for myself, a PlayStation gamer that has covered Microsoft Flight Simulator since it was announced).

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HANDS ON: We can’t wait to fly this propeller from Robin Aircraft SAS

We're not expecting the flight sim to come to the PS4 or Nintendo Switch any time soon, or ever really for that matter.

While we see some titles coming from external developers that all platforms can enjoy, Microsoft tends to hold onto their good ones.

We've seen the same treatment from Microsoft with other iconic titles like Halo, and the same from Sony with The Last of Us so it's not unheard of.

Just annoying.

So if you are a PC or Xbox One gamer, you really ought to savour what is lining up to be one of the games of the year.

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