FIFA 22: Is there going to be a Demo & when is it coming out?

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We finally have an official release date confirmed for FIFA 22!

However, there's still uncertainty surrounding whether we will see a Demo released this year, and when it will drop.

So, check out when you'll be able to get your hands on the Demo below.

FIFA 22 Demo release date

Demos for new FIFA games typically release two to three weeks ahead of the game's full launch.

fifa gameplay haland marquinos
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So, this could place the release date at Monday, 13 September.

So far, EA hasn't announced if there will be a FIFA 22 demo, so we'll have to wait patiently for news on that front.

We do, however, now have information on FIFA 22 early access.

FIFA 22 early access

As seen on the EA website, the official date for the EA Play Trial has been confirmed.

"Join EA Play today and experience unrivaled authenticity with the most true-to-life experience of The World’s Game featuring football’s biggest stars and teams.
ea play early access fifa 22
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EARLY ACCESS - The EA Play Trial date has been confirmed
"Start your season first with a 10-hour trial – days before release. Save 10% on pre-orders with your member discount, plus unlock monthly rewards, and a library of top titles."

There are plenty of perks of signing up to become an EA Play member, including early access to FIFA 22, perks in Ultimate Team and VOLTA, and also 10% off pre-orders.

FIFA 22 is now available to Pre Order - you can purchase all editions of FIFA 22 from Amazon right here.

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