What are FIFA 21 Ultimate Team ICON Swaps?

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A new set of ICON Swaps looks set to arrive on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but what are they?

As you will probably know, ICON players are extremely valuable in Ultimate Team, but ICON Swaps can be a more affordable way of attaining them.


Find out more below.

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What are ICON Swaps

ICON Swaps are a set of long-term objectives released by EA on FIFA Ultimate Team.

Each completed objective will reward you with an 'ICON Swap Token Player'. These are low value, untradeable players and are only useful for using in ICON Swaps.

moreno icon swap token fifa 21 ultimate team
SWAP SHOP - Trade these cards in for great rewards

These tokens can then be used to trade in for rewards, which are either packs or ICON players.

As no coins are necessary, this is the most affordable way of adding ICONs into your FUT squad.

ICON Swaps Set 2

ICON Swaps Set 1 began at the beginning of Season 2, with eight tokens released initially.

Season 3 saw the final ten tokens released, with 18 tokens available in total. The highest value swap item was Mid ICON Thierry Henry.

fifa 21 ultimate team icon swaps set 1
SET 1 - These six ICONs could be unlocked

We expect ICON Swaps Set 2 to be revealed as part of Season 4.


With potentially 18 more tokens up for grabs, we could see some great players become available.

Golden Goal

Some of the objectives in ICON Swaps can be a bit of a grind.

However, the FUT community stepped in with their unwritten 'Golden Goal' rule.


By helping each other out, this community rule helped players earn those valuable tokens without having to grind through hours of FUT Friendlies.