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Is FIFA 23 Cancelled?

FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a number of news and leaks spilling out regarding the new game.

We've got you covered for everything you need to know regarding a potential cancellation of FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Cancelled?!

A few months back, EA Sports and FIFA announced their split, with EA Sports FC rising from the ashes.

That announcement has led to much speculation that FIFA 23 will be cancelled, but we're here to ease your mind.

FIFA 23 will still be coming out later this year, with a tentative release date of September 30 rumoured.

Whilst this year's game will be the final collaboration between EA and FIFA, marking the end of an era, there is absolutely no doubt that FIFA 23 will be arriving on shelves last this year.

Release Date

With the next game edging ever closer, we could see an official announcement from EA sooner rather than later.

FIFA 22 was fully launched on Friday, 1 October 2021, so if EA follows the same trend, then Friday, 30 September 2022 could be our FIFA 23 release date.

Some will be able to access the game sooner than that via a possible Beta or Demo, then Early Access and the Web App.

FIFA 22 Chelsea Dance
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PARTY TIME - The release of FIFA 23 isn't far away now!

This would mean early access for pre-orders from Tuesday, 27 September for those who buy the Ultimate Edition of the game.

The 10-hour EA Play trial usually offers players a limited number of hours of gaming too and goes live even earlier than pre-orders so expect to see that around a week before the full launch.

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