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How are FUTTIES chosen?

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team season is drawing to a close, which means it's time for the FUTTIES promo!

Get ready to celebrate the best of the FUT 22 campaign during the event, so find out how FUTTIES are chosen below.

How are FUTTIES chosen?

There are two stages for how FUTTIES items are picked.

First, the nominees will be selected by EA.

The majority of nominees will be seen via the FUTTIES Player Pick Fan Votes, although we should also see the FUTTIES Derby Day Team Event present us with a couple of options too.

It then rests in the hands of the FUT community as to which nominees get upgraded for a FUTTIES Winner card.

On certain days during the promo you will be greeted by a FUTTIES player pick (or you can find it in the FUT Store), all you have to do is select the player you want to get an upgrade and that counts as your vote, then the player (or players) with the most votes will gain a FUTTIES Winner card via SBC in the following days.

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UNREAL TALENT - The 'Best Of' re-releases will be the highlight of the promo

The FUTTIES Derby Day Team Event will work in a similar way, with a player pick coming via the Team Event in objectives, and whatever player gains the most XP before the Team Event concludes will receive an upgraded FUTTIES Winner version that you can add to your club via future objectives.

Other SBC and objective content will be selected solely by EA, such as the Dynamic Duo objectives players and general SBCs that come at the weekends during FUTTIES Favourites.

Although not classed as FUTTIES cards, the 'Best Of' re-release players which will come to packs during the promo will also be selected by EA.

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