FIFA Mobile: All new Division Rivals and High-End Division

EA have added an exciting way to play VS Attack and Head to Head for the handheld version.

by Callum Inwood

If you are looking for a tougher opponent and better rewards on FIFA Mobile, you are in luck! EA have announced their new and improved VS Attack and Head to Head game modes that gives you short-term, medium-term, and long-term objectives, with Division Rivals.

RealSport takes a look into the all new feature and what it brings to FIFA Mobile for its hardcore players.

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Updated VS Attack and Head to Head Features

Daily Bonuses are now awarded to players with HUD based objectives, such as:

  • Win three matches for a bonus reward that scales based on your division

This highlights that the higher your division in either VS Attack or Head to Head the better your rewards will be when you complete these challenges. It’s recommended that you compete to gain awards in the higher divisions.

Weekly competition in Division based Leaderboards which allows FIFA Mobile players to play against other players worldwide for a chance to gain weekly rewards on the game.

EA highlight that:

  • The Weekly Leaderboards are based on Weekly Points, which you earn by winning matches. Ties give you half the Weekly Points.
  • Your competition consists of up to 1,000 players that begin in the same Division at the start of the Week.
  • Climb Divisions to get more Weekly Points per win and secure a higher rank for better rewards at the end of the week. Rewards will be sent to your Inbox after the Leaderboard ends.
  • Promoting to a new Division will not change your leaderboard, so you can continue your progress on the same leaderboard and use the increased amount of Weekly Points you receive.

High End Division

FIFA Mobile now sees the addition of the High End Division in VS Attack and Head to Head to allow for even more competition between players.

To gain this rank and FIFA Masters you will need 1,100,000 Fans and Cups. Fans and Cups reset at the end of each week for FIFA Champion and FIFA Masters to the start of these Divisions

FIFA Champion players need to earn 100,000 Fans or Cups during one week to level up to the highest possible Division.

Although competition will be tough, its worth being involved and trying to gain the best position as EA convey that the rewards will be worth your time!

Let us know whether you will compete in the new Division Rivals to try and gain some good rewards and bragging rights down below!

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Callum Inwood