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FIFA 23 Xbox One v Xbox X|S: What are the differences between the two?

FIFA 23 is out now, and some gamers are still debating whether to make the switch to a Next Gen console for the new game.

We're hoping to make that decision clear for you by outlining the key differences between FIFA 23 on Xbox One and Xbox X|S.

FIFA 23 on Xbox X|S

Managing to secure a Next Gen console hasn't been easy for a lot of gamers, but the Xbox X|S has become more readily available in recent months.

Xbox Series X Console
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SUPERIOR POWER - Next Gen consoles are ready to deliver top content

FIFA 23 on Xbox Series X|S has brought us the most realistic sports game ever, with huge advancements made across the board.

The introduction of HyperMotion2 technology coupled with AcceleRATE has taken EA's latest title to the next level.

HyperMotion2 Technology

Advances to HyperMotion gameplay technology has allowed for twice as much match data capture and new features.

HyperMotion2 brings over 6000 authentic animations taken from millions of frames of advanced match capture to FIFA 23.

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BETTER THAN EVER - FIFA 23 is taking things to the next level

This development in technology has made every action feel unique and every match-day experience special.

Read about HyperMotion2 here.


AcceleRATE is a brand new feature in FIFA 23, exclusively on Next Gen consoles.

AcceleRATE distinguishes between different players' running styles, splitting them into three categories.

These categories depend on a player's acceleration and how long they can maintain their top speed.

EA hoped that AcceleRATE would provide more realism in-game and create more diverse player types and actions, and it has not disappointed.

FIFA 23 on Xbox One

Although the Xbox X|S is not as hard to get a hold of as the PlayStation 5, there were still supply shortages, meaning not everyone has moved on to a Next Gen console yet.

Despite all Xbox One consoles being discontinued, FIFA 23 has still been released on the previous-gen platform.

Xbox One X Console
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OLD MODEL - Your FIFA needs will still be catered for even if you haven't gone Next Gen

The downside of playing on the Xbox One is that certain fresh features can only be experienced on the Next Gen consoles.

These features include the HyperMotion2 and AcceleRATE technology that we have outlined.

However, the main gameplay modes, like Career Mode, Ultimate Team and VOLTA, as well as the bulk of the content are still very similar across both generations.

As well as some features, the FIFA 23 gameplay itself differs slightly between the Xbox One and Xbox X|S.


Cross-play is available from the outset in a FIFA title for the very first time, although its use is limited.

Players can only use the feature when playing across the same generation of consoles - Xbox X|S and PS5, for example.

Cross-play will be available exclusively in 1 v 1 game modes including Online Friendlies, Seasons, and Ultimate Team.

Find out all you need to know about cross-play.

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