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FIFA 23 World Cup: DLC set to arrive sooner than you think

FIFA 23 World Cup

FIFA 23 has arrived, with the hotly anticipated World Cup DLC set to arrive in the coming weeks.

With the festival of football arriving in Qatar this year, our first-ever Winter World Cup is sure to take some getting used to.

One thing that won't be too much different is the implementation of a World Cup mode in FIFA, with brand new leaks spilling out revealing some further details regarding this mode.

FIFA 23 World Cup News

Prolific FIFA leaker FIFAWitcher has taken to Twitter to reveal some brand new information regarding the FIFA 23 World Cup mode.

The news indicates that the DLC will land in FIFA in early November, with pre-order information showing that a November 11 release date is most likely.

However, the new info would dictate that the mode could arrive even sooner, giving fans a chance to bathe in those glorious World Cup vibes.

Another exciting piece of news to come from this leak is the fact that brand-new faces are entering the game for national team players.

Whilst we aren't sure which stars will see their scans upgraded, we could take a good guess.

Recently, a number of players went temporarily bald in FIFA 23, usually an indication of a place-holder before a brand new face scan is added.

If this is the case, we could see stars like Antony, Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Leao all receive brand new scans in the upcoming World Cup Mode.

World Cup Integration

EA has already confirmed that the FIFA World Cup 2022 will have "deep integration with Ultimate Team".

See EA's statements below:

We’ll have more to announce about the Men’s FIFA World Cup™ in the coming months.
The FIFA World Cup 2022™ will have deep integration with Ultimate Team in some new and exciting ways.
Get the ultimate connection to the men’s FIFA World Cup™ in FUT 23, with a host of themed and dynamic content celebrating the world’s biggest sporting event - including special FIFA World Cup™ player items around which to build your dream squad.

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