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FIFA 23: Will Pro Clubs have Cross-Play?

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The FIFA 23 reveal trailer showcased some breath-taking gameplay, with HyperMotion2 set to take the new game by storm.

The reveal trailer also showcased Cross-Play as a new feature in FIFA 23, revealing all the modes compatible with this new feature.

Whilst many fans are delighted to see this arrive, there has been one major exclusion that has led to serious backlash from the community.

Cross-Play Pro Clubs?

Unfortunately, Cross-Play will not be available for Cross-Play compatibility in FIFA 23.

This decision has been met with much anger and confusion, as EA appear to have left out FIFA's most sociable mode.

The confirmed game modes for cross-play in FIFA 23 are:

  • Online Friendlies
  • Ultimate Team
  • Online Seasons

Community Hits Back

VFL, the self-titled home of Pro Clubs, has taken to Twitter to pen a strongly worded statement regarding EA's decision to exclude Pro Clubs from the list of Cross-Play compatible game modes in FIFA 23.

The statement details the many years of frustration that Pro Clubs players have felt, demanding answers from FIFA 23's developers.

VFL have suggested in their statement that this recent decision to exclude Pro Clubs from cross-play compatibility will now see the game mode die, with yet another oversight seeing modes other than Ultimate Team desperately suffer.

#SaveProClubs is the cry from VFL, who are demanding that EA Sports provide answers.

Similar to the anger we saw amongst the FIFA Career Mode community a few years back, we could see yet another revolt, as EA's focus on the half-baked implementation of new features failing to cut the mustard.

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