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FIFA 23 - Which World Cup Stars items are best in Ultimate Team?

The World Cup Swaps Tokens are available now in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and World Cup Stars are on offer as some of the rewards.

Some of these players are highly rated too, but are they as good as they appear?

Take a look at who we would go for, and who you should avoid among the World Cup Stars.

What are World Cup Stars?

World Cup Stars are a new item type that is only available to add to your club by redeeming World Cup Swaps Tokens against their corresponding SBCs.

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STAR SWAPS - Bring in some TOP players during the World Cup Swaps campaign

There are 32 World Cup Stars in total, with one player from each of the nations taking part in the World Cup.

The players will have gained a big boost from their base card and will be a permanent addition to your club.

Top Picks

Picking your World Cup Stars obviously depends on how your team is built already, but there are some players that are worth looking at.

Let's start with Spanish striker Alvaro Morata (OVR 87), who boasts better attributes than his overall rating suggests.

The Atletico Madrid star has everything you want in a striker, including 87 Pace, 90 Finishing, 95 Heading Accuracy, and 86 Strength.

fifa 23 world cup star morata
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GOAL MACHINE - Morata should suit FIFA 23 perfectly

Our next World Cup star is Danilo Pereira (OVR 87), and he offers chemistry links to Ligue 1, and the recent Path to Glory SBC Joao Palhinha.

The Portuguese powerhouse boasts 92 Strength, which combined with excellent defensive attributes make him a top CDM.

Mason Mount (OVR 88) is another good option available in the World Cup Swaps rewards.


Kingsley Coman (OVR 89). The French winger is the highest-rated among the World Cup Stars, but the 89 OVR is misleading!

Coman's stats are actually that of an 87 OVR winger, meaning his Bayern Munich teammate Sadio Mane is an affordable, better option on the left.

fifa 23 world cup stars coman
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OVERRATED - There are better options for your hard-earned tokens

Other players whose official rating doesn't quite add up include Xherdan Shaqiri, Francisco Calvo, Yasser Al Shahrani, Nouhou Tolo, and Reggie Cannon.

Cameroon full-back Nouhou Tolo's in-game stats add up to 77 OVR, remarkably lower than his 84 OVR item!

His 93 Pace and 89 Physicality may still draw some attention, but his defensive attributes just are not up to scratch.

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