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FIFA 23 - When do World Cup Player Items expire & rewards come out?

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The World Cup promotional campaign has drawn to a close in FIFA 23.

FUT players enjoyed plenty of awesome nation-themed content throughout the Ultimate Team campaign but will be glad to see the back of those pesky World Cup Player Items!

So, find out when the World Cup Player Items will expire and when your World Cup rewards will be released in FUT 23 below.

Player Items expiry date & rewards release date

The World Cup Player Items will expire at the exact time that the End of Event Rewards are made available to redeem.

EA has confirmed that the World Cup Player Items will expire on Wednesday, 4 January 2023.

Rewards will be made available at precisely 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

FIFA World Cup Player Items gathered will no longer be tracked when rewards are ready for redemption.

The rewards can be redeemed from the FIFA World Cup tile itself.

What are FIFA World Cup Player items?

Limited time FIFA World Cup Player Items are special Player Items only available until Wednesday, 4 January 2023.

EA stated the following regarding the limited time FIFA World Cup Player items:

"Our intent with them is to help provide an exciting FIFA World Cup experience while players look to advance in their End Of Event Rewards. Starting January 4, 2023, these Items will be removed from FUT and every FUT club, and they will no longer exist in-game. It may take several days for all of these Player Items to be fully removed from FUT."
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GIANT REWARDS - Unlock the biggest and best rewards via Swaps

Not all FIFA World Cup content is limited time - this only applies for the FIFA World Cup Player Items.

This is marked by the blue timer icon on the bottom-right portion of the Item.

All other FIFA World Cup Campaign Player Items and historical content are permanent.

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