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FIFA 23 World Cup Mode: EA should REMOVE PACKS in order to find success

FIFA 23 World Cup Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 has arrived, with brand new features coming to Ulitmate Team.

One such feature that hasn't yet joined the party is the upcoming World Cup mode, coinciding with the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

As we've seen in previous years, this feature should bring a new spin to Ultimate Team and give you the chance to ascend to the world throne with a team filled with superstars.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

Whenever World Cup DLC is implemented into Ultimate Team, there's always an initial sense of novelty and fun, as new menus and exciting new features make the world's game feel more immersive than ever.

This year, special card types commemorating World Cup heroes will be added for the first time ever, with stars like Diego Forlan rumoured to join the party.

Prolific leaker Donk has revealed some of the brand new features arriving in the World Cup DLC, but there's one thing we think should be removed.


One complaint that has risen in the early days of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is the prevalence of the pay-to-win model.

Some players, most of who have dropped a bomb in FIFA points across the opening weekend, have already assembled squads with two or three Icons in them.

In our opinion, this simply shouldn't be happening at the start of the game.

90+ rated squads at the start of FIFA - without notable promo cards released - showcases just how rinsed Ultimate Team has become of its bare essentials.

That's why we think packs should be completely removed from the upcoming World Cup DLC, allowing players to have a genuine and authentic team-building experience in which every player is earnt and not randomly generated out of a 7.5K pack.

Alternative Pitch

We hear you asking: if packs are removed, how will we get new players?

A few years ago, the 2010 World Cup game - which was released separately from FIFA that year - had a mode in which you could build a squad based on the teams you faced.

For example, if you faced off against Spain and won, you would get the chance to select a player from the Spanish team - like pink slips but without the stress or gambling undertones.

FIFA 23 Packs
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NO MORE PACKS - Is it time to bin off these items?

We think this style of squad building should be implemented in the World Cup mode for Ultimate Team this year, rewarding your victories and allowing a gradual assembly of a dominant squad.

In our pitch, the losing player wouldn't actually lose the card from their team, instead, a duplicate item would be created and given to the winner.

This idea isn't perfect as we can already predict people finding a way around it, but for those that are looking for an authentic Ultimate Team experience in FIFA 23, removing packs and stripping back squad building to its bare bones could be the optimum way to bring success to the World Cup DLC.

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