FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: This brand new feature could REVOLUTIONISE objective completion

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FIFA 23 isn't far away, with a host of brand new leaks and rumours spilling out regarding the brand new game.

Whilst we've heard rumours of new changes coming to FUT 23 - and we've put forward our own proposals too - we want to look at a fan-suggested feature that could totally change the game.

Check below to find out more about this genius idea.

FUT23 Brand New Feature

Armellica has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on a brand new feature that should be implemented in FIFA 23.

The Tweet states:

One of the Things i always wanted from FUT is to have the ability to see the Objectives you are working on in game! That way once something is completed you can start working on something else instead of hoping the cross or the finesse shot counted!

We couldn't agree more, with the inclusion of an objective tracker certain to revolutionise the way people play Ultimate Team.

It's clear that other players are also big fans of this concept, with a simple and easy tracker certain to aid players as they look to obtain objective cards.

Ease of Completion

One of the most frustrating things about completing objectives in FIFA Ultimate Team is forgetting what you have to do.

With 4 or 5 objectives required, it's almost impossible to remember the fine details of everything you need to complete.

The implementation of a tracking feature in-game would allow players to jog their memory regarding certain objectives.

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ROAD TO COMPLETION - Tracking objectives would make like so much easier in FIFA 23

As was pointed out by some players, a similar feature was once seen in Pro Clubs, but it was removed following issues.

Allowing players to select certain objectives to track in-game would revolutionise the way FUT is played in FIFA 23, with fans able to quickly obtain cards and build their team.

With so many different objectives available in Ultimate Team, this concept would not only make FUT easier to digest for fans just getting started, but it would also allow players to prioritise the objectives they need/want to complete.

FIFA 23 New Features


With a host of new features set to hit FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we've taken a look at some of the brand new concepts we'd like to see become reality in the new game.

From reviving old promos to balancing the market, we're hoping for yet another year of Ultimate Team prosperity in FIFA 23.

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