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FIFA 23: Five reasons why Ultimate Team will be GREAT in the next game

FIFA 23 is fast approaching, with lots of news and rumours coming out regarding the next game.

We're turning out attention to the future and taking a look at what it could hold for Ultimate Team.

Here are five reasons why FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will be great!

This is a pretty obvious one, but it is a huge reason we keep buying games in the FIFA series, and that is updated squads.

Not only will the summer transfers be included in the game, but player ratings will have switched up too.

This will give us new squad-building links to discover and create - although, if the leaked chemistry style rework comes to fruition, they may not be as hard to make as before.

FIFA 22 Haaland Manchester City
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SUPER SIGNING - Erling Haaland will be linking up with Premier League players in FIFA 23

We're hoping that if the chemistry system does receive a change, then it will still resemble the style we are used to, with stronger ratings given for better links.

An exciting new front two is already on many wishlists to try out when the game hits, with Manchester City's new boys Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez set to dominate the early meta.

Read some of our thoughts on the leaked chemistry system right here.

Quicker Matchmaking

Cross-play is already being trialled in FIFA 22, and going from the leaks it looks to be returning in full for FIFA 23.

This will have a couple of great impacts on the game.

The first is improved matchmaking. Waiting for an age to find a match was a big issue at the start of FIFA 22 and can still affect players now.

FIFA 22 Mbappe
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LIGHTNING FAST - Matchmaking will be quicker than ever before

With cross-play introduced, the player pool will be much larger, so it should make finding a match easier and quicker to do.

Less sitting around and more time playing can only be a good thing, however, there is a catch.

It looks like cross-play will only come to next-gen devices, with the PS5, Xbox X|S and Stadia in an exclusive club.

Single Transfer Market

The second way cross-play will improve FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is by creating a unified transfer market.

Once again, the improvement will happen because the number of users will increase, meaning there is more chance of someone putting cards up for sale.

Around Icon Swaps, you can often find that players of a certain league/nationality combination become 'extinct' on the market because so many people want them for their side.

This can also happen with rare promo cards, but with a larger market, this will be less likely to happen.

It also means that card prices and SBC costs will be equal across platforms - again, next-gen only.

Position Modifier Rework

Now, this is a big change that we're very excited about.

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the leaks are suggesting that player positioning is going to be reworked.

Instead of being able to move most players about various positions, cards will have primary and secondary positions, with a generic position modifier consumable letting you switch them between the two versions.

This would reduce some crazy squad building we've been getting used to, meaning if you want to keep your players on full chemistry they will need to play in their proper position.

Finally, no more Mbappe being used as a CDM!

Read about our thoughts on the position modifiers change right here.

World Cup Promo

A World Cup game mode has already been confirmed by EA, so surely a massive event will come in Ultimate Team too!

In the past, we've seen promos created around international competitions, and it doesn't come much bigger than the World Cup.

We're excited to see what EA may do with it, but expect it to be BIG!

FIFA World Cup
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NOT LONG NOW - We've been looking forward to the Qatar World Cup for some time

Due to their split from FIFA, this could be the last time the World Cup features in an EA game, and we want them to go out with a bang.

The timing of the competition is also interesting, as mammoth cards could enter the game earlier in the cycle than usual.

EA will need to make sure they pace themselves with card ratings, as we don't want end-game sides soon after the title is released.

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