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FIFA 23 Ross Barkley SBC - How to unlock player pick out of position card

Ross Barkley FIFA

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has brought out some banger SBCs so far, and the current promo is delivering.

Out-of-position cards are a great way to round out an Ultimate Team squad in a fresh new way.

Here's how to unlock the latest player pick SBC to drop in FIFA 23.

Ross Barkley (OVR 86)

Start Date: Saturday, 29th October

Expiry Date: Sunday, 6th November

SBC Requirements

You'll need to submit three squads to have your pick of the 86 rated cards:

Top Form

  • Minimum 1 In Form Player
  • Minimum Squad Rating 83

Reward - 1 x Small Electrum Players Pack


  • Minimum 1 English Player
  • Minimum Squad Rating 84

Reward - 1 x Mixed Players Pack

Ligue 1

  • Minimum 1 Player from Ligue 1
  • Minimum Squad Rating 85

Reward - 1 x Prime Mixed Players Pack

Out of Position

Team 1 of the Out of Position players is in packs now, in addition to the player pick SBC.

As well as their brand-new base positions, players have several alternate positions they can be used in, which can change the dynamic of an Ultimate Team Squad.

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