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FIFA 23: Position Modifiers alteration will be a game changer

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FIFA 23 is fast approaching, with news and leaks spilling out around changes that will come with the upcoming game.

Some big adjustments are set to come to Ultimate Team, with a new chemistry style introduced, as well as a change to how player positioning works.

Specific Position Modifiers are set to be removed in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and we think it can only be a good thing!

Good Riddance

Prolific leaker Fut Sheriff shared the news that Position Modifiers are changing in FIFA 23, with players set to have primary and secondary positions instead.

This would mean that a player such as Joao Cancelo could have a primary position of LB and a secondary position of RB, so you could apply a generic position change item to his card and use him in either place without compromising on chemistry.

By taking away specific Position Modifiers, you will no longer be able to change him from a full-back to a wing-back, unless his card states it as one of his alternate positions.

Yes, this will heavily restrict a lot of squad building, but it will also create new opportunities as well!

Proper Positioning

Very often you come up against a squad that has players in random positions to maintain maximum chemistry and create strong links throughout the team - such as using Kylian Mbappe as a CDM.

This comes with no punishment, as you can just formation change in-game to have everyone playing where you want them.

FIFA 21 4-2-2-2
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ATTACKER OVERLOAD - A team like this was a regular sight towards the end of FIFA 21

Being able to change a striker all the way down to a CDM means you can fit many more forwards into your team with full chemistry, and they are usually some of the best and quickest cards in the game.

From a squad-building aspect this is useful, although it does take away from some of the realism in the game, and also encourages an attack-heavy meta where pace is king.

By removing this ability in FIFA 23, we should see more realistic lineups and more variety in squad selection, which will likely have a knock-on effect on the meta, with different tactics being utilised.

Boost to TOTW

For some reason, the FUT market has been dreadful this season, yet this player position change could rejuvenate it in FIFA 23.

Cards with multiple positions are likely to maintain a premium price for longer, especially if they possess a wide and central attacking role like Sadio Mane may get.

Team of the Week could also become more relevant, instead of just fading out after the first couple of months.

FIFA 22 Sadio Mane
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MAIN MAN MANE - Sadio Mane could be one of the most expensive cards in the early game

Going forward, if a player performs well in a position that isn't the same as their base card, the TOTW version will reflect this, potentially leading to wingers receiving striker cards, and CDMs getting a CB one.

Not only will the card get its usual TOTW boost, but it could provide your side with a new key link thanks to the position change.

This will make TOTW cards more sought after, providing not just better players, but introducing new ways to incorporate them into your Ultimate Team.

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