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FIFA 23: Player Career set to become everyone's FAVOURITE game mode

The FIFA 23 reveal trailer has landed, bringing with it some new information regarding this year's game.

With brand new details rolling out on a near-daily basis, it's time to look at how EA has overhauled one of its most overlooked features.

Check below to find out why we think Player Career will become everyone's favourite game mode in FIFA 23.

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Player Career NEW Features

EA has finally done what the community have been screaming for and have invested time and effort into Player Career.

A number of exciting new features have been announced for the mode, with player personality and off-pitch activities just two of the brand new features arriving this year.

With the mode set to combine the masterful gameplay of HyperMotion2 with the immersive off-pitch experience seen in the NBA2K series, we could finally see a Player Career worthy of football's biggest gaming franchise.

Major Step-Up

Player Career has seen a host of new additions this year, and we think it could be enough to make the once-forgotten mode a complete fan favourite.

The off-pitch activities are certain to become an instant hit, with players now able to spend their earnings and do things like buy cars and attend charity events.

What once was a heartless playthrough of a player's career now feels like it's becoming a rounded and immersive RPG experience, with every decision feeling important.

A New Favourite

Not many people would admit that Player Career is their favourite mode in FIFA, but the arrival of these new features could be about to change all that.

EA's commitment to this mode could lead to great things, with many players switching over to begin their life as a pro.

A deeper, more enhanced player career is something that fans have been dying to see for years, and the arrival of an overhauled system is sure to be music to many players' ears.

Just the Start

No one can deny that 'The Journey' has laid the groundwork for what Player Career has become today, and it's exciting to think that this could only be the start.

With new features trialled and yet to be ironed out, we could see FIFA 23's Player Career become an exciting foundation for future games to build off.

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There's no doubting that 2K Games have been the king of player careers in recent years, but it now appears that EA is muscling in and staking their claim.

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