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FIFA 23: Man City star Phil Foden FUMING with new Ultimate Team picture

England international stars Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham linked up to take a first look at their new FIFA 23 cards in an episode of the 'FIFA Flashback', presented by Josh Denzel.

The FIFA Flashback series, brought to us by the official England football YouTube channel, takes a look back at every single one of the international players' Ultimate Team cards throughout the years, as well as their new FIFA 23 version.

It's fair to say that the two English youngsters were not best pleased by certain aspects of their FUT 23 cards...

Foden left fuming

Having run through both of their Ultimate Team cards throughout the years, of which there were not many given the pair are so young, it was time for Jude Bellingham to reveal Phil Foden's FIFA 23 card.

The 22-year-old was instantly left shocked by the player image on his new card. Foden said:

"Is that the photo they are going to use? Surely not?! What have they done to me there?"
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The Manchester City starlet was, however, pleased with the stats on his new 85 OVR card, which has been bumped up by 1 overall point since FIFA 22.

"I'm happy with that, you know. The pace as well, I like the pace, 82. That's a good card, I'm happy with that. That's the only thing if this is a CAM, it's an unbelievable card but because it's on the wing... But I can change it to a CAM in the game."

Jude Bellingham had to offer his thoughts on Phil's fresh FUT card, saying "That's a mad CAM card, that is".

Unfortunately, the Mancunian just could not get over his FIFA 23 picture and resorted to pleading to EA down the camera in the hope they may change it...

"The only thing I'm [waves arms in anger] is the picture. Please EA if you're watching, can we change? Can we change the picture? Mate, I look like I'm doing this [pulls a funny face], I mean, what's going on here? Mate, they've got me as I'm shutting my eyes!".

Justice for Jude

Next, it was Foden's England teammate Jude Bellingham's turn to get a first look at his new FIFA 23 card.

The Borussia Dortmund star was displeased with his pace, to say the least. Bellingham said:

"How have I got slower? I don't get that, how have I got slower that year and not got faster?

Yet more issues arose with the new player images when presenter and host Josh Denzel interjected by saying:

"Look how much more beard you have! I'm telling you, it's the beard. You look a little bit unhappy in that picture, I'm not going to lie."

Bellingham responded: "I don't know why I look that unhappy."

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Like Phil Foden, Jude had one sticking point that he could not understand - his pace. The 19-year-old said:

"But how can I get slower is what I'm saying, I'm growing, I'm a growing boy, you get me? Like, I should be getting faster. That's the only thing I'm saying but the rest of it, you know, I'm alright."

Prompted by Josh Denzel, the central midfielder then addressed the camera and EA directly and said:

"You know what, good picture, thank you. Pace, come on. And then passing, (needs to be) a bit more generous but the rest, thank you very much."

Watch the entire FIFA Flashback episode with Foden and Bellingham here.

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