FIFA 23 Moriba Objectives - Silver Stars, how to unlock & more

fifa 23 Moriba silver stars

fifa 23 Moriba silver stars

You know what time of the week it is - Silver Stars time! The latest special Silver item has just landed in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and it's a good one.

Valencia midfielder Ilaix Moriba has been selected for a Silver Stars item but unfortunately this time, there are no bonus FUT Birthday rewards on offer.

The RB Leipzig loanee has been given a 74 OVR Silver Stars item in FIFA 23 that boasts in-game stats well beyond his overall rating.

So, find out how you can unlock the Silver Stars Moriba item and how long you will have to do so in Ultimate Team below.

Start & Expiry Dates

As always, you'll have just one week to unlock the Silver Stars Ilaix Moriba at which point your shot at this card will expire.

Start Date: Wednesday, 29 March at 1pm ET / 6pm BST

Expiry Date: Wednesday, 5 April at 1pm ET / 6pm BST

Objective Requirements

The regular Ultimate Team aficionados among you will already know exactly what needs to be done to unlock the weekly Silver Stars item.

fifa 23 moriba silver stars
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As has been the standard for some time, you'll have these three objectives to complete if you want to get your hands on the 74-rated Ilaix Moriba card.

All three tasks must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Win 3 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Score 8 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge
  • Assist 6 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge


With the FIFA 23 game cycle in a bit of a lull right now, fans are beginning to wonder when the next title in the series will be released.

Well, it's important to understand that FIFA as we know it will not be named 'FIFA 24'. Instead, it will now be named 'EA Sports FC', following the well-documented split between FIFA and EA Sports after ongoing licensee fee issues

ea sports fc la liga
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COMING SOON - LaLiga highlights will be available in EA Sports FC

So, we're not looking forward to a FIFA 24 release date but now an 'EA Sports FC' release date - the title of EA's new footballing sim, set to arrive in 2023.

We expect to see an EA Sports FC release date of around Friday, 29 September 2023, in keeping with the FIFA titles that have gone before.

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