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FIFA 23 - Lengthy players NOT affected by Title Update #4 & meta STILL intact

In recent days, online FIFA forums have been flooded with reports that say EA has nerfed Lengthy players in the latest FIFA 23 patch - Title Update #4.

From content creators to popular FUT Twitter accounts, the game-changing news has been spreading like wildfire.

However, plenty of confusion has arisen among the FIFA community as to whether player Archetypes were actually affected by the latest update.

So, has Title Update #4 really affected player Archetypes and have Lengthy cards actually been nerfed in Ultimate Team? Keep reading to find out.

Lengthy meta lives on

The rumours surrounding have significantly affected the transfer market, with notoriously Lengthy players like Erling Haaland plummeting in price.

FIFAUTeam has shed some light on the situation with a Twitter post that you can see below.

According to FIFAUTeam, the AcceleRATE system was unaffected by the latest FIFA 23 patch.

This essentially means that Lengthy cards are still the most overpowered player Archetypes within Ultimate Team right now.

Unforeseen error

The official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account has provided some clarification on the impacts of Title Update #4.

It seems there was an issue within the game following Title Update #4 that caused certain players to incorrectly slow down when dribbling with the ball.

EA has stated the following regarding the error:

"The dribbling slowdown could have happened at times when sprinting with the ball, and the slowdown most commonly affected players with high dribbling-related Attributes."

EA has now confirmed that AcceleRATE values were completely unimpacted by Title Update #4.

So, this confirms that Lengthy players were unaffected by the latest patch.

Balance is key

Since making the switch away from Lengthy cards, many Ultimate Team players have come to realise that there are not only benefits to using different player Archetypes but also that they actually enjoy using them.

Finding a balance of Lengthy, Controlled and Explosive Player Archetypes within your squad seems to be the key to success in Ultimate Team.

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SUPER SQUAD - The PSG team has a great balance of player Archetypes

It's also important to recognise that certain positions on the pitch can favour certain Player Archetypes.

For example, the Lengthy Archetype compliments the centre-backs more, whilst the Explosive Archetype favours the more technical players in attacking midfield and on the wing.

Starting a Lengthy striker to break the lines with Controlled and Explosive players supporting him can cause havoc for your opponent's defenders.

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