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FIFA 23: How to create lengthy players

FIFA 23 has arrived at long last and it hasn't taken Ultimate Team players long to discover the meta for the new game - 'lengthy' players.

The 'lengthy' trait is part of FIFA 23's new mechanic, AcceleRATE, which splits players into three different categories - lengthy acceleration, controlled acceleration or explosive acceleration.

With that in mind, find out how you can create lengthy players in FIFA 23 below.

What is the 'lengthy' trait?

The Lengthy trait means that players start their run slower than those with the Explosive or Controlled trait, however, they speed up to such an extent that they significantly outdo their own pace statistic.

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META MIDFIELDER - Pogba has the lengthy trait in FIFA 23

Lengthy players are able to sprint at top speed for longer than players with the Explosive or Controlled trait.

How to create lengthy players

First of all, the player you want to make lengthy needs to have a certain combination of stats and attributes.

The bare minimum a player needs to be lengthy in FIFA 23 is:

  • Strength - Minimum 66
  • Strength minus Agility - Minimum 14
  • Acceleration - Minimum 56
  • Height - Minimum 175 cm (5ft 9in)

So, you can Chemistry Styles in order to boost certain stats and thus create a lengthy player.

For example, Darwin Nunez has a Controlled pace type by default, as he has 88 Strength and 78 Agility.

When you take 78 away from 88 you are left with 10. However, when a Hawk Chemistry Style is applied his Strength increases to 92 and his agility stays at 78.

When you take 78 away from 92 you are left with 14 - perfect for lengthy players.

This can be done for any player in your squad. You may want to use FUTBIN in order to simplify the process.

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