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FIFA 23 Gameplay: Latest update indicates MAJOR overhaul to shooting and skill moves

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FIFA 23 is just around the corner, with a host of leaks and news spilling out regarding the new game.

This time, we want to take a look at how a recent Title Update in FIFA 22 could indicate that major changes are arriving in FIFA 23, with some inspiration potentially taken from the success of rival games.

Check below for the latest on potential changes coming to skills moves and shooting in FIFA 23.

Updated Indications

Title Update #14 has been announced for FIFA 22, with some interesting changes potentially indicating an overhaul for shooting in FIFA 23.

The most interesting changes are:

  • Greatly increased the accuracy of low and mid powered Low Driven Shots.
  • Slightly increased the animation speed of Reverse Stepover, Stepover, and Body Feint Skill Moves.
  • Increased the likelihood of a knuckle ball shot occurring when requesting a high powered shot while the ball is 0.67 meters/2.2 feet away from the ball carrier.
  • Added the new Ball Roll Cut 180 Skill Move that can be performed by players with a 4 or 5 star Skill Move rating.
  • Increased the speed at which the ball travels at following a low or mid powered header.

These changes - specifically the ones regarding shooting - indicate MAJOR changes to the shooting system in FIFA, with a more realistic focus on player movements and style.

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UP THE PACE - Skill Moves will also see major changes in FIFA 23

Changes to Driven Shots have been needed for some time in FIFA, and this new update will no doubt use FIFA 22 as a guinea pig before any implementation in this year's brand new game.

Skillfully Done

The arrival of a brand new skill move - as well as increased animation speeds for existing skills - indicates that EA could place significant importance on the role of skill moves in FIFA 23.

The 'Ball Roll Cut' skill move is something often seen used in real-world football and its implementation in FIFA could indicate that delicate touches could be a main feature in FIFA 23.

For far too long, we've seen skill moves all blend into one, with no player skill really involved when executing them.

Now, with changes made to skills in FIFA, we could see the importance of skilful players highlighted, giving your team an extra edge when progressing through the lines.

A faster pace on the animation speed for stepovers also indicates that EA are trying to better reflect the actual pace of the game, with skill moves usually occurring in the blink of an eye.

Lessons From Konami?

EA's new shooting alterations has drawn comparisons to the systems used in eFootball.

In the 'Shooting' section of the Season 1 Patch Notes, Konami noted how you can "Swing your shots with power, drive your attempts towards the feet of the keeper, or hurl yourself towards an incisive cross to change its course."

Of course, this could be a coincidence, but with eFootball receiving plenty of praise for its gameplay recently, we're not surprised to see EA bounce back with an attempt to majorly improve shooting ahead of FIFA 23.

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