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FIFA 23: FUT Champs player picks give out GOLD cards thanks to yet another EA error

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FIFA 23 is here and players are now fiercely competing in their first FUT Champions Weekend League of the season.

FUT Champions is the top-tier game mode where the best players match up against each other in the hope of earning the best prizes in the game.

The game mode is considered the ultimate test of any FUT 23 player.

Unfortunately, it looks like another EA error has caused a major problem with FUT Champions rewards in Ultimate Team.

Faulty FUT Champs Rewards

FUT Champions rewards include a mixture of player packs, Team of the Week (TOTW) packs, FUT Champions qualification points and coins.

The main draw for playing in FUT Champions, however, is the possibility of picking up a brilliant red in-form.

FUT Champs Red Player Picks contain players from the current TOTW and are the hallmark of a great FIFA player in Ultimate Team.

However, due to another EA error, players are being given Rare Gold Player Picks instead of the usual Red Player Picks.

As you can imagine, this has come as quite a shock to the FIFA community as it pretty much robs players of their hard-earned rewards.

However, what is seemingly a curse could be a blessing in disguise...

Free Gold cards for all?

EA has since acknowledged the FUT Champs rewards error and has stated the following via the official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account:

"We will be following up with impacted players in game in the coming days."

We expect EA to address the impacted players by giving out the free Red Player Picks that they had earned through playing the Weekend League.

EA will most likely allow affected users to keep the players they claimed from the Rare Gold Player Picks that they were never supposed to have.

So, you may as well go and open your Gold FUT Champs Player Picks, with the safety net of the Red in-form Player Picks

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