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FIFA 23 - FUT Birthday card design LEAKED


We might be at the start of the World Cup content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to the future.

A new card design has been leaked that reveals a fan-favourite promo will be returning to the game once again!

Check out the revealed image and early information about the FUT Birthday event in FUT 23 below.


There had been a few leaks going around, but the best and clearest view of the FUT Birthday card came from SAF BOSS on Twitter.

Celebrating the introduction of Ultimate Team, the inclusion of FUT in balloons - with more in the background - suits the card type perfectly, and it looks like there could be some confetti going on there too.

We're big fans of the design, with the eye-popping colours and a 3D quality giving depth to the image.

It's safe to say, the players selected for the promo could well look the best they ever have on this card!

FUT Birthday

FUT Birthday is an annual promo, which celebrates the anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team.

Each year the event sees fan favourite players given enormous boosts, with cards released into packs, new SBCs, and Objectives.

In FUT 22 we had FUT Birthday Swaps introduced, and we would love to see them again in FIFA 23!

However, there will be a while to wait, with the event usually coming in mid-March.

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