FIFA 23: FIVE Substitutions leaked to arrive in Brand New game

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Brand new leaks and rumours have been spilling out regarding FIFA 23, with our first look at this year's game not far away.

We've already seen news regarding icons and licenses, but now it's the turn of new Ultimate Team features.


Check below for everything we know about the latest FIFA 23 Leak.

FIVE Subs in FIFA 23

Prolific leaker DonkTrading has taken to Twitter to confirm the arrival of five substitutes in FIFA 23.

The rule is set to be adopted across a host of top leagues in real-world football, with both the Premier League and EFL confirming that five subs will be permitted next season.


Now, it looks as if the five subs rule will be arriving in FIFA 23, with mixed emotions emanating from the two sides of the FIFA coin.

Offline Joy

Career Mode fans will certainly rejoice at this news, allowing them to better manage minutes and fitness for their team.


With more substitutes comes the permission for a bigger squad, leaving Career Mode fans dancing with glee at this most recent leak.

It's also good news for local play, with the fear of injuries scuppering your last-minute plan no longer a threat.

Online Fury

Ultimate Team fans will be a little less happy, especially those that don't have the biggest FIFA 23 piggy bank.

More subs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will only lead to people harbouring better players on their bench.

Just when you think you've got your opponent beat, the 90+ OVR cavalry will arrive and ruin your day.

The leak does suggest it will be trialled in Ulitmate Team, but if this leak does turn out to be true, we'd be surprised if it isn't implemented across the board in FIFA 23.