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FIFA 23: EA strikes deal with Nike & promises to expand license packages for EA Sports FC

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After months of speculation that EA will be parting ways with FIFA, the silence has finally been broken by EA.

The next evolution of the infamous FIFA franchise has been revealed - and that next step will be EA Sports FC!

But what does this mean for EA's partners and licenses as we head into the new game? Find out here.

EA Sports FC confirmed

It's official... 'EA Sports FC' has been confirmed by the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account!

You can check out the EA Sports FC promo video via the Tweet below.

So, the transition from 'FIFA' to 'EA Sports FC' has been completed.

According to multiple reports, the name change of the EA Sports title called FIFA has come about because EA and FIFA cannot come to an agreement on cost and new revenue streams going forward.

As far as we understand, FIFA 23 will still go ahead as normal, but this will likely be the final 'EA Sports FIFA' title in the franchise.

Just Do It

EA has also revealed it will be partnering with Nike ahead of its first release, EA Sports FC 23.

This partnership was also revealed on Twitter, promising that fans will learn more in July 2023.

While EA has only just revealed the series, a Nike sponsorship could have some big integration based on what we've seen in the history of FIFA.

For starters, we're likely to see tons of more Nike gear in EA Sports FC 23 from things like kits to boots and more, with integration in Career Mode, Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs.

Beyond this, fans can also expect a Nike promo event in Ultimate Team similar to the Adidas Numbers Up 99 promo earlier this year in FIFA 22.

Fresh faces

In their announcement, EA Sports were keen to ensure that fans knew this wasn't going to be just a change of the logo.

Instead, it's stated that EA Sports FC will be a 'symbol of change' - expanding certain licenses and permitting the developers more creative freedom.

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END OF AN ERA - FIFA and EA have announced their split

EA released the following statement regarding their partners in EA Sports FC:

"Alongside our 300+ license partners across the sport, we’re ready to take global football experiences to new heights, on behalf of all football fans around the world."

So, it seems as though EA will keep ALL of their current licensed clubs, whilst looking to bring further expansion to the license packages.

This means that new leagues are likely to be introduced too.

One such league could be the National League, with Hollywood owned Wrexham already appearing in FIFA 22.

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