FIFA 23 TOTY Icons - Di Natale LEAKS first clue to NEW cards

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The Team of the Year (TOTY) promo is fast approaching FIFA 23, with FUT Centurions Team 2 the last hurdle to take before one of the biggest events in Ultimate Team lands!

It is looking to be an even bigger celebration than ever, with new Icon card types leaked to be included during the campaign.

And they may not be the only additional cards joining the main TOTY squad, with Antonio Di Natale causing a stir with a recent Instagram post...

Straight from the horse's mouth

The FUT community was sent into a bit of a meltdown when Antonio Di Natale posted this on his Instagram page:

The card shown looks to be a take on the Team of the Year design from this year's title, albeit with a splash of pink added in!

Of course, Di Natale is no longer playing football and is included as a FUT Hero in FIFA 23, so what should be made of this card?

Thanks to the data-mining Fut Scoreboard account on Twitter, we have seen that two new Icon card types - TOTY Icons and Alternate Reality Icons - have been added to the code in FIFA 23, so it looks likely that more Campaign Icons will be included in the TOTY campaign.

Could this also mean that FUT Heroes will be getting TOTY upgrades too?

It wouldn't be the first time that EA has asked players to announce their own FUT cards, which has led to much speculation that this insane Di Natale TOTY version could be on the way!

The Truth

However, a little digging on the Di Natale TOTY card will reveal the disappointing truth of the situation.

As many people first saw the image shared by Di Natale himself, that gave more gravity to the idea that this card was coming.

Yet, just above the card image there are a couple of logos that seem to be cropped out, and if you track it back to the original source you will find it comes from the Instagram account

The message accompanying the images translates roughly as:

"We like to dream. Then we offer you these Heroes in the Toty version, with super fashion cards."

The Instagram account is self-described as traders and content creators for FIFA and they have put out many concept images for various events, and this Di Natale is just one of many.

Dreams do come true

Although the image going around of a Di Natale TOTY card is just a concept, that's not to say it definitely won't happen.


As mentioned earlier, TOTY Icons have been added to the game code and look to be part of the event.

If Icons are getting TOTY versions, the FUT Heroes could follow suit, as we saw with World Cup Icons and World Cup Heroes!

We haven't seen anything to confirm this thinking just yet, but keep your eyes peeled across socials and you may just see something announced.

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